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"Special Unit" is a balls-out comedy written by comedian Christopher Titus, the guy that brought you five 90-minute comedy specials and the hilarious show, "Titus." He has a Writer"s Guild nomination for his TV show, and has written 6 groundbreaking comedy specials that although edgy, always take you to the light. Special Unit was written after hanging out with his friend with CP, Michael Aronin, and hearing how the disabled are treated. Either they are an elf in a Christmas movie (if they are a little person) or they are a sad wheelchair guy or a "gimp" used to show how much heart the lead actor has. So, Titus wrote something that has never been done before.  The premise?

Due to the Fairness and Disabilities Act, the LAPD is forced to hire four handicapped undercover detectives. Titus plays Garrett Fowler, a cop/criminal who has to train them or he loses everything-- his job, his girl, and maybe his life.

Titus was always hearing from his disabled actor/comedian friends that they couldn't get roles in movies, especially not leading roles, so he decided to do something about it. With your contribution, "Special Unit" will be the best comedy movie since The Hangover. Titus and his crew expect it to be so successful that there will be 2 sequels, ala Hangover. This is your opportunity to be a part of the funniest, ballsiest, and most brilliant comedy movie in a long time, and to help change the conversation of disabled people in the world. Cast includes Josh Blue, Brad Williams, Michael Aronin, Christopher Titus and a few surprises. Give long, give hard and thank you.

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Christopher Titus

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Jump Around

Titus and his wife, Rachel, will jump up and down, both braless, whilst shouting your name repeatedly for a period of 15 seconds. If Titus' boobs are sore, he will only jump and down slowly, but for 20 seconds. Thanks for helping us make this movie!

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PDF This!

You will receive a PDF  (digital download)  of the "Special Unit" script, complete with a handwritten note from Titus, thanking you for your donation. 

45 claimed


Disc is Too Good to Be True

You will receive an autographed full-length DVD of Christopher Titus' comedy, along with some really cool limited run "Special Unit" stickers.  But wait... there's more!  Titus will write a personal thank you inside the disc.

123 claimed


Holy Shirt!

1962 left of 2000 available

You will receive a limited run "Special Unit" "Crew" t-shirt, and be the envy of all your friends.  We'll also throw in some of those really cool "Special Unit" stickers.  If Titus ever sees you wearing your shirt out in public, he will give you a "Hey, we're making a movie together!" high-five or a hug, your choice.

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Swag Queen

You will receive an 11x17 limited run "Special Unit" poster, signed by the cast.  You will also receive that really cool limited run "Special Unit" "Crew" t-shirt that will make you the envy of your less cool friends, as well as some "Special Unit" stickers.  The hug/high five from Titus is still included if he sees you out in public wearing the t-shirt.

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Disc-ustingly Awesome

4938 left of 5000 available

You will receive your very own DVD of "Special Unit," signed by the cast. One of 5000 limited edition "Contributor" DVDs will be sent to you.  The coolest part? You'll get it before it hits store shelves!  You'll also get the super duper awesome limited run "Special Unit" t-shirt, as well as those highly coveted Special Unit stickers.

62 claimed


Script Down to Your Underwear

993 left of 1000 available

You will receive an actual copy of the script once filming is complete, signed by the entire cast! You can frame it and put it on your mantel next to the velvet Elvis.  We'll also throw in a "Special Unit" "Crew" t-shirt and some of those awesome stickers! 

7 claimed



249 left of 250 available

Christopher Titus answering your phone for life?  Yes!  Titus will record your requested voicemail message (within reason, but we all know, he has low standards.)  You will also receive a limited run "Special Unit" "Crew" t-shirt, as well as those awesome Special Unit stickers.  Be a part of making a balls-out comedy that gives brilliant actors (who happen to be handicapped) a shot at playing heroes, AND get your one of a kind, personalized Titus voicemail message for life? Titus will record it and we will email it to you for your cell phone. This is almost too good to be true.

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Credit Score

496 left of 500 available

See your name on the big screen!  You will be listed in the credits at the end of the movie as a contributor.  You will also seriously increase your cool when you receive a limited run "Special Unit" "Crew" t-shirt and DVD, Poster as well as some "Special Unit" stickers.

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VIPs and Carrots

50 left of 50 available

This is your moment!  Get a once-in-a-lifetime Titus VIP show experience.  Choose any city on Titus' tour schedule now through 2014, and get VIP tickets for you and 7 of your friends, as well as a private meet and greet before or after the show with Titus.  You can take pictures, ask for parenting advice or ask Titus to recite the alphabet backwards-- whatever!  Titus will say something about you on stage, and you will also receive 2 autographed DVDs, 2 "Special Unit" t-shirts, and those really awesome "Special Unit" stickers. No taking Titus back to your hotel room, though.

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If You Like It, Put a Sing On It

15 left of 15 available

Have a shot at getting your original music featured in a major motion picture, as well as seeing your name (or your band's name) listed in the credits.  There are a small number of opportunities available, and we will select from those entries, so don't wait until it's too late!  We will also send you an awesome "Special Unit" t-shirt and some equally awesome "Special Unit" stickers for your bragging rights.

1) Contribute to this reward.  2) Upload your best 2 minutes of original music to YouTube. (Instrumental or song)  3) Send me a link to your music to **Please note: Your YouTube upload must also have the tag Special Unit and a link to our FundAnything campaign in the YouTube video description. Your music is guaranteed to be individually evaluated and judged.  

Either way, your name will be in the movie credits.

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Cop Out

20 left of 20 available

Here's your shot... no pun intended.  You get to play a bad-ass, gun-toting LAPD officer in "Special Unit!"  You'll get to be on the set of the movie, meet the actors, and be a part of the action for a day!  We'll make sure you get your picture with the cast before you leave. You'll also get screen credit in the movie and a special unit T-shirt. Can it get any better? No! 

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Love Is Evol

2 left of 2 available

We can't believe we're saying this, but Titus will marry you.  Let us rephrase... Titus will officiate at  your Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Francisco wedding.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have one of the funniest performers on the planet perform your wedding ceremony.  Titus will write material specific to you, and we can guarantee, it will be hilarious! (Unless you don't want it to be, and then we will give him a Xanax. Ah, who are we kidding?  That would still be hilarious!)

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Butter My Role

4 left of 4 available

Now things are getting out of control.  For this donation, you get a role in the movie!  You will have lines, wardrobe and access to as many peanuts as you can eat at craft services.  Spend a day being a Hollywood star, hanging with the cast and crew and being a part of the action.  We'll make sure you get your picture taken with the cast before you leave, too! You also won't have time to get addicted to Hollywood's many vices! It's perfect!

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Carpet Burn

You and your guest will be invited to the LA red carpet premiere.  You will check into your hotel room (paid for by us), where you will get ready to be photographed on the red carpet like a star.  After watching the premiere, you will have full access to the after-party, where you can hang with the cast until the wee hours of the morning.  (We apologize to our Little People actors for the use of the word "wee.")  You will be given a swag bag, full of the craziest stuff you can imagine, but including signed "Special Unit" t-shirts and a poster, stickers, and DVDs.You will also be added to the credits of the film as "Contributing Producer."

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Fresh Produce Err!

5 left of 5 available

This is it! You get to be an executive producer on the movie!  You'll see your name listed in the credits as an executive producer, you'll be invited to the private red carpet premiere and you'll get to visit the set of "Special Unit" and see how magic is made. For the red carpet premiere, you will check into your hotel room (our treat), and get ready to be photographed like a star.  After watching the premiere, you will head over to the after-party, where you will throw down all night with the cast and crew.  You'll also get treated with the same butt kissing that producers get when they invest in a movie! Of course, as Executive Producer, when you visit the set, you'll be swamped in swag before you leave.

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