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Hello, my name is Kohjix (Or Andrew if you wish to be technical about this).

A few years ago, a good friend of mine named Rodney developed a serious case of Melanoma in his foot. During the course of his treatment he's been going through a lot of rough patches, but still improving in terms of his health. I've known him and his wife, Carol, for quite some time now; hell, they consider me their son in a way. They've been going through a lot because of this, and I thought I'd help them out in some way.

This is where this page comes into play. Basically what I'm doing here is a charity livestream for the Melanoma Research Foundation. I'll be playing through the entire Mass Effect Trilogy from start to finish with the help of you guys, the viewers. During the livestream, you guys will be able to control all the choices of the game. Whether you challenge me to run a story mission in the hardest way possible, or you tell me to kill someone off during the plot. All the plot, character, and DLC decisions are made by YOU ALL. 

How I'll be doing it is like this:

When a plot decision comes up, donators will have 15 minutes to bid on a deciding factor of the plot. You can donate absolutely any amount to make a decision, BUT- someone can donate more than you to overrule your decision. After the 15 minutes is up, and the stream catches up, the person with the highest donation will be the winner.

Here is what it'll look like:

How will challenges work?

You're able to leave a note on your donation. If you want me to run a mission with no health items, donate the required amount ($5) and tell me what you want me to do! I don't care what it is, but I'm by NO means a speed runner... So please make it possible!

Where is the money going?

ALL of the money is going towards the Melanoma Research Foundation (
Once I reach my goal, I will livestream me donating every penny to this foundation. 

Why $500?

Just an estimate of how much I think I'll make throughout the trilogy. I don't expect a swarm of people, so a modest amount seems reasonable, in my opinion.

Can I donate freely?

Of course! Every penny helps. If you want to donate for the sake of donating, be my guest! But a challenge or a request in song or what teammates I use, or whatever you like is perfectly okay. Seriously, you can ask me to do whatever*.

*What CAN'T we ask you to do...?

I will let you know if your request is a little too much. Maybe we can negotiate a different challenge or request! 

What CAN we ask you to do...?

  • Challenges: Basically you can ask of me to run a story, side, or small mission with a specific weapon or weapon type... You can tell me to only level certain stats... You can tell me to not use medigel for an hour or so... You get the point! You guys get to make this hell for me! Haha.

  • Requests: Song choice, Shoutouts, Pandora Station, etc etc. Whatever your request is!

    Plot Decisions: I've covered this up above. You bid on a decision if it's a huge plot-related question! But if it's a small decision (Like something to do with a sidequest) then you won't have to bid. Just donate any amount and ask it in your notes. (If you're wondering what falls under small/side quest and plot quest, then just ask me before donating)

If you'd like to join, follow THIS LINK and it should take you to my Twitch page. Just click on the "Follow" button if you'd like to be up to date with the livestream and when it'll start! 

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