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Last Chance Campaign

        This is your last chance, you have with me! Is what the world would say, If Mother-Nature could talk. Meaning the universal feeds off you. So if everybody in the world is sick, that means the universal is sick. So if we as a human race started setting standards for ourselves, the world/universal will do the same. Remember the movie Campaign with Will Farrell.....OK, well in one of the Campaign speech they said, "I have my broom, cause it's a mess". Well the director  made a good point. We have created a mess, so it's time to clean-up. So NtP is starting the "Last Chance Campaign ", to help motivate one another. So we are teaming up with ASD(Alabama School of Deaf) and anybody else who want to make a difference. Just email NtP(NTP100@USA.COM). Also email us if you have any questions and if you have any ideas that will help better one another. Thank you for your time and please donate. We can use all the help we can get and without one another we will never grow probably. This the "Last Chance Campaign ", so stand for something or fall for anything...........

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Campaign Ended on 2013-11-10

Tremayne Tookes

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Free MzBhavn CD

NTP have a great new artist, who does everything to her song, from writing the song, picking her beats, recording herself and mixing all her work and mixing other great artist music, from Dallas. She have a new cd out, called-MzBhavn Last Chance Campaign, her new single,"Lay Low", is on the top Ten charts

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You can chose between the two white-tees we have and you will get a sign MzBhavn cd
and look at my pictures and chose from teeUSA and teeWorld

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