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Hey guys, welcome to Jose Canseco's Fund Anything project for the podcast Canseco Knows Best!

We're looking to raise $10,000, and with your help it should be easy. There are nine different tiers to choose from, including an opportunity to connect with Jose through twitter and a custom painting by Jose.

We've already done a few episodes of the podcast, but in order to make this the best form of entertainment possible we need better equipment and resources.

If you enjoy Jose's ramblings on twitter, you'll most likely enjoy his ramblings on Canseco Knows Best, and in order to make this the best it can be we need your help!

You can get autographs, a chance to skype with Jose, and even get followed by him on twitter. 

Even if you can only afford the $10 tier, we greatly appreciate your contribution to our cause to bring you FREE entertainment.

Please spread the word on twitter, facebook, even your blog that only your mom reads. Let's make something special.

- Colin Means, producer of Canseco Knows Best

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Campaign Ended on 2013-08-24

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Get your name listed on

Every person who contributes to the campaign will be listed on We'll even include your website or twitter handle if you give it to us.

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Get a tweet from Jose

Contributors to this tier will get their name listed on, as well as a thank you tweet from Jose. He's looking forward to thanking those who support the cause.

1 claimed


Get followed by Jose on twitter

Jose doesn't follow very many people on twitter, but he wants to follow those who help support the cause. You will also get the prior three tiers.

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Get a signed ball from Jose

In addition to the first two tiers, you will receive a signed baseball from Jose in the mail. We'll pay the shipping.

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Join Jose in a Google Hangout

Gather up some friends and come join Jose for a Google Hangout. Pick his brain on topics such as time travel or steroids, or whatever your heart desires.

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Get an autograph AND get followed by Jose on twitter

With this reward you get everything described in tiers 1, 2, 4, and 5. Once again we will pay for shipping on the autographed baseball.

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Come on the podcast with Jose

In addition to tiers 1, 2, 4, and 5, you get to come on an episode of Canseco Knows Best and chat it up with Jose while we record. It's a lot of fun, and you can even pick out some topics for us to discuss.

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Skype with Jose

Want to get Jose to give your kid batting lessons over the internet? Jose will hop on Skype and pick up a bat and show you firsthand what a home run swing looks like.

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Get Jose's Donald Trump painting!

1 left of 1 available

Jose recently painted a picture of Donald Trump that happens to look like a dragon, a wise one in fact, and the masterpiece is up for sale. You will also get all the benefits of tier 6.

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Get a custom painting by Jose

Jose will paint nearly anything for you. Your kids, yourself, your favorite player, you name it and Jose will paint it. You will also get the benefits of tier 6.

*Disclaimer: Jose is not a professional painter, so we can't guarantee pristine quality. It will most likely be tongue-in-cheek, but you probably expected that.

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Jose will come to YOU

Want Jose to come out to your kid's Little League team, come visit your work and hang out, or simply just hang out? Jose will come to you, wherever you may be.

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