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Amber is a 6 year old girl who was diagnosed with autism at 2. Amber has many autistic traits, she relies on routine, extraordinary over stimulated and under stimulated senses to the extreme where she broke her elbow and just laughed! Her communication, though improving is very poor and can result in meltdowns where her feelings build up into violent outburst as she cannot articulate what is wrong. We spent hours encouraging and teaching her body language and using pecs to put across what she wanted. This was extremely successful and she has now moved on to small phrases that she uses at home, but isn't so forthcoming out of the house. She does well at school, but is behind her peers. It has been noted there are many things Amber won't be able to grasp especially with literature and concepts of language. Though we realise she is only 6, most 6 year olds can understand things like before and after, today and tomorrow these are the things Amber struggles with as she's a here and now kinda girl! We have worked everyday adjusting the way we speak, the faces we use, techniques to spot triggers before a meltdown and how to calm one if we missed it. We've read books to her, drawn pictures with her, played with her toys when she showed no interest in them and she has made tiny steps forward. We have realised that technology is something she enjoys using and it shows more of what she's capable of, more so than pen and paper. Although doctors and governments condemn the amount of time a child spends looking at a screen, in Ambers case and many others like her, it is a more productive way to learn. Technology is straight forward you see,its predictable, you can press a button a million times and it will always do the same thing. An autistic mind can be filled up very quickly, with noises, smells, background noises sensations of hot and cold. Something unpredictable entering the mix can quickly send stress levels from 1 to 100 in a moment.  We would like. To purchase a good quality computer system that can take a lot of use and the heavy hand of autism. We would like to provide Amber with a learning system she can use, apps, programmes designed for those who pen and paper don't have much effect. We can then record her progress and download to show teachers and professionals what she doesn't show them, but we know she can achieve with the right equipment. It will help us to unlock what she struggles to tell us with words and expressions she doesn't posses right now. So if you can please help us reach our target to provide much needed technology to assist Amber's learning now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share to as many people as you can, knowledge is power.

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Each donation will receive a drawing done by amber on canvas this will be a one of a kind art piece

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Each donation will receive a hand written thank you card from amber, doesn't sound like much but for amber to sit and write is very difficult and each will be personalised

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