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Light up your home with this revolutionary smartphone controlled LED Strip. Chameleon features 1 million colors to match your mood: warm red for romantic dinners, bright white for every day lighting. It fits any occasion and it's up to your imagination where and how you want to use it!

Help turn this project into a product delivered to your doorstep.


Chameleon controlled LED strip makes your home live. Use it for ambient lighting in your home or office, decorate your bedroom wall with this adjustable light source or simply light the room with it. Controlling it is one touch away, just pull out your iPhone or Android mobile device, and switch the lights on/off, dim the light or adjust it to the right color. 

It's all about comfort. Want to turn down the lights? Nothing easier. You will never need to get up from your couch while watching you favorite TV show, or during dinner or while having a romantic moment with your other half. 

After simply installing it, download the iPhone/Android app to your smartphone and there you go, you're ready to adjust the light just the way you want. Your friends will be amazed when you'll invite them over!

Features include:

  • - dimming the light
  • - turning your LED lighting on and off
  • - in addition to over 1 million colors, this LED strip also produces an extremely high quality, blazing bright white light whenever required. 
  • - the LED strip / Chameleon controller combo is extremely energy-efficient
  • - controlling an unlimited number of LED/Chameleons from a single smartphone
  • - simplest installation that can be done by your great-great grandmother too!


The LED strip and Chameleon controller is a compact combo, durable, highly energy-efficient due to latest LED technology and has no moving part. It works with almost any smartphone or tablet. Using it is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.  Stick the self adhesive LED strip to any surface. You can cut it to any length!
2.  Connect the Chameleon controller and plug it into the power outlet
3.  Download the free app from from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad4, iPad mini) 
4.  Pair the Chameleon controller with your phone  (You have to do it only once)
…then just start managing the colors in your home or in your office.



The LED Strip controller has been thoroughly tested and debugged. It operates on both Android and iOS platforms, basically on any smartphone or tablet. 

It features the friendliest, easiest-to-use user interface available - it even looks good on your iPhone/Android device! 

Bluetooth is a fast way of communication directly between the controller and your smartphone. It means that your LED strip will take your commands in the blink of an eye. It is extremely energy efficient and your switches will still work.


The story doesn't end here. We have much more up our sleeves. If this FundAnything campaign will be successful, we're planing to extend the features and even add new features to the product:

- new Android or iOS app feature: make the LED strip blink whenever you receive a notification on your smartphone (eg. you've got new email)

- Disco fever feature: The LED Strip will blink and change color to the music that is being played on your mobile device. 

And all that will only be possible if you help us fund this project. 


We are a small group of professionals working on our second campaign here on Our first campaign was a huge success, with all the contributors already using their Bluetooth Bulbs. 

We are a band of dedicated developers and die-hard production people who just love Bluetooth technology and smartphones.


T-shirt rewardsChameleon Controller PackSingle Chameleon ControllerChameleon Controller + Bluetooth BulbChameleon Supercharger PackBig Event PackChameleon Advanced PRO Package


The short: We're taking this project to crowds to get it out to the masses. The prototype is ready, just need to be sent to mass production. 

The Long: This is a project our team has been working on for over a year now. We've invested a lot of time and money in it. We went the extra mile, we've had plenty of ups and downs, but now the LED Strip is ready to make it available to the public.

We already have our manufacturing all setup in one of the world's best factories providing internationally recognized quality products. But to start mass producing the LED Strip / Chameleon controller, we need to place the order and we need to pay cash. $25.000 would get the LED strip/Chameleon Controller /AC adapter produced and shipped. And that’s where you come in! 

If you like our product and want to be part of it, contribute to our project with your dollars, word of mouth and why not with creative ideas. 

The more funds we raise, the quicker we'll be able to start shipping.

We need your help and we hope you'll join us.

Thank you!

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Chameleon Controller Pack

993 left of 1000 available

10-Foot LED Strip + Chameleon Controller + App + AC Adapter

It couldn’t be easier to change the mood in your room – adjust the color and intensity of the lighting with your smartphone. This pack has everything you need to create a breathtaking lighting effect anywhere you like, with a 10-foot LED Strip + Chameleon Controller (w. AC Adapter) + the app to download to as many devices as you want. It will be shipped 4 weeks after the campaign has reached its goal. (US/CAN shipping add $9. International shipping add $17)

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Big Thank You / Buy Us a Beer or two!

You must know how hard we’ve worked! If you’d like to show your appreciation for our great products, you can buy us a little time to relax!

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Men's T-Shirt

Help promote our brand by looking (and keeping) cool in this high-quality t-shirt.

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Women's T-Shirt

Show the world you support innovation with this specially-fitted, stylish tee for women. After all, who said gadgets aren't sexy? Wear it proudly and be trendy in the same time!

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Single Chameleon Controller

Chameleon Controller + App + AC adapter

Do you already have LED lighting at home? Turbocharge it! Add color effects to your lighting with a Chameleon Controller (w. AC Adapter) + the app to download to as many devices as you want. The first 400 sets will be shipped immediately; the rest 4 weeks after the campaign has reached its goal. (US/CAN shipping add $9. International shipping add $17)

3 claimed


Chameleon Controller + Bluetooth Bulb

You'll be able to light your room with multiple color effects with two 10-foot LED Strip + Chameleon Contoller (w. AC Adapter) + the app to download to as many devices as you want. PLUS you are going to get a Bluetooth-operated bulb! (see The first 400 sets will be shipped immediately, the rest 4 weeks after the campaign has reached its goal. (US/CAN shipping add $9. International shipping add $17)

7 claimed


Chameleon Supercharger Pack

30-foot LED Strip + Chameleon Controller + App + 2xAC adapter 

30-foot LED Strip + Chameleon Controller + App + 2xAC adapterAn amazing gift! Chameleon Supercharger Pack comes with 10m of unbeatable Chameleon LED strip plus the Extra Power Adapter. Plus the Chameleon Controller. (US/CAN shipping add $9. International shipping add $17)

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Big Event Pack

2x15-foot LED Strips + 2 Chameleon Controllers + App + 2 AC adapters + 2 Bluetooth Bulbs

Light your home for any special event - a birthday party, Christmas or Thanksgiving! You will receive: - 2 x 15-foot LED Strips - 2 x Chameleon Controllers (w. AC Adapter) - 2 x Bluetooth Bulbs - App to operate on as many devices as you want. (US/CAN shipping add $9. International shipping add $17)

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