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As women, we all live in a fast-paced, hectic world, and we need fashion that keeps up with us and the scenes of our lives. Curvy women in particular often find this an especially challenging task.  This is where Youtheary Khmer by Theary Sim enters the scene.  Answering the call for size proportionate clothing that is comfortable, yet still trendy and beautiful, Youtheary Khmer's collections are the epitome of form and function—clothes that have a high level of design, quality, versatility, and value. Inspired by the curvy woman on the go, Theary Sim brings her passion for fashion and cloaking women in beautiful garments to the forefront.

By backing the WE DO CARE campaign, you are proving to investors and high-end retailers that women of all sizes care about their appearance and will support the designers that cater to their desire to look and feel beautiful while not breaking the bank.  Our high quality dresses, jackets, and accessories will be available in even more retail locations with your support.

We're NOT afraid of color

We ARE Sexy!


How to support: Simply select one of the backer gift levels. You'll be taken to an donate account page where you can sign in and give. 

Can't make any decisions yet?  No hesitation needed.  Even if you are not a curvy woman, you can understand the desire to have what you want when you want it.  That is what you are supporting - progress and choice.  Plus there are some really cool perks available.  So give freely and tell your friends.  We appreciate you for it.

Who Can Wear Youtheary Khmer by Theary Sim?

YK - caters specifically to women size 12-28 that love fashion and are tired of limited choices in color, size and style.  We may have different lives, sizes and styles, but what we all have in common is the need for things that are functional, affordable, beautiful, and that make us feel good.

Whether you’re the professional who needs something conservative for the office but wants to glam things up at night, or the risk taker who wants something with a little more edge, or the working mom who doesn’t have five extra seconds in the morning to think about what she’s going to wear,  Youtheary Khmer pieces fit your life on your terms. 

“Capsule Collection”

Think about Signature lines.  That is exactly what a few lucky top contributors will get the honor to create alongside Theary Sim.  Ever wanted to be a designer and wonder what the process is like?  Take the opportunity to design your own collection and see your name on the promotional materials and the runway!  Real input by real people is what makes Youtheary Khmer fashion forward.  

Stay Connected with Me and Youtheary Khmer!

See the Beauty of Youtheary Khmer! 

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Why Come to FundAnything?

After researching, developing and marketing my collection, a unique problem occurred.  Though YK has met with great success and and ever growing demand, I was being told by potential investors that "Fat people don't care about how they look".  So, in an effort to prove them wrong and give the people what they are asking for, I decided to give the masses a voice to shout out that those investors were WRONG!  With Fund Anything, not only can I give women beautifully designed clothing for a great value, but I get this unique opportunity to connect directly with women and build a community. 

 I'll only produce what backers want, and backers' choices will inform future collections. The prospects are super exciting!  A true revolution for the industry and how it works. 

What Happens at the End of This Campaign?

A successful WE DO CARE campaign means we can cover production costs, and will get to work fulfilling all backer gifts. It also means I can start designing and producing the next Youtheary Khmer collection that I plan to launch during LA Fashion Week 2014.

Backer Gifts

I've got some fantastic backer gifts in addition to the clothing. . All Fund Anything backers will be listed as special contributors on the Youtheary Khmer website, and be given special access to online design previews of future collections.

At the higher levels, I'm offering some ways you can see what being a designer is really like: you can spend a day with me at my studio, or host a fashion party with me and 5 of your friends at one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, California. 

This is just the beginning! Thank you so much for visiting, and I appreciate all of your support!

A Little More about Me

I am a high fashion designer based in LA.  My journey began as a plus size model with FORD models working national campaigns with Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Torrid and Macy's to name a few.  I began to really develop my passion for fashion while working as a celebrity wardrobe stylist for a major record label.  Not only did I decide to become a designer, but a philanthropist at heart, I created Pretty Perfect; a non-profit organization that works with young ladies between the ages of 11 and 17 to encourage self-esteem and body and acceptance.  My love for fashion and desire to make clothing that is more than just a "pretty dress", has ensured that I am dedicated to keeping curvy women and girls happy, healthy and haute for seasons to come. 

Production + Timing 
Because of the high quality fabrics and designs I'm using for Youtheary Khmer, production will require 5 months from the end of the Fund Anything campaign, hence the November ship date.

Fulfillment + Delivery 
 I will communicate directly with all my backers to establish a delivery timeline. My customers' happiness and enjoyment of this experience is most important to me.

Team Members


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Campaign Ended on 2014-05-24

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We are sending positive vibes your way and the warm feeling of "LOVING" you for your support. Refills are unlimited.

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THANK YOU GIFT. Thank you for supporting Youtheary Khmer by Theary Sim! Receive a thank you note from me and your name will also be listed as a special supporter on the Thank You wall during our collection presentation during Los Angeles fashion week. 

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ACCESSORY. Add some bling to your wardrobe with a jewelry piece from our signature VIVA collection. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above.

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CUSTOM T-SHIRT. Receive a custom made T-Shirt with Youtheary Khmer motto, “Ahead of the Curve”. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above.

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SIGNATURE MAXI. Our famous, sheer maxi skirt is always the showstopper at any event. Additionally, you will receive the BLING IT OUT and THANK YOU GIFT listed above.


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DRESS. Dress it up with our custom design cross over dress, additionally you will receive the BLING IT OUT and THANK YOU GIFT listed above.

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DRESS + ACCESSORY + CUSTOM T-SHIRT. Enjoy our signature collection combo. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above.

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VIP INVITE. Be our guest and spend a fashionable evening at our presentation during Los Angles Fashion Week. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above.

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Receive the HAUTE COMBO and a mini-photo session modeling your YK wear.  Feel the glamour of being a Youtheary Khmer model while celebrating your curves in YK wear.

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MINI COLLECTION. You will receive 3 dresses + a signature maxi skirt + custom t-shirt + an accessory. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above

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THEARY TIME. Want to see what being a fashion designer is really like? Spend the day with my design team and I, followed with lunch with me for you and 2 of your friends. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above. (*Backers must cover transportation to Los Angeles for themselves and guests.)

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10 left of 10 available

Theary will come to your city (continental US) and host a private trunk show for you and up to 20 of your friends previewing her next line before it is available to the public .  Grab the chance to be ahead of the curve and the masses as you get exclusive time for Q&A with the designer.

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YOUR VERY OWN CAPSULE COLLECTION. You get the opportunity to work side by side with me in creating your own 3 piece capsule that will be showcased along side my collection during Los Angeles Fashion Week. You and a guest will also receive THEARY TIME + VIP INVITE + backstage access to our presentation during fashion week. Additionally, receive the THANK YOU GIFT listed above. (*Backers must cover transportation to Los Angeles for themselves and their guest.)

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