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Techpodcasts crew comprises independent podcasters and volunteers who come together to cover one of the biggest technology events of the year - the Consumer Electronics Show. The show - at Las Vegas Convention Center - spans 4 days and has enough exhibits to cover 35 football fields.

ABOUT Techpodcasts Live Broadcast at CES14

TPN.TV began coverage of CES in 2007 with only two people and a camera. By 2010, the crew had grown to 15 people, as we created our first ever livestream event from the NBC Universal booth. The sound planning and hard work made our event so successful the crew decided to take things to the next level. In 2011, we created a complete solution by renting a booth and launching TPN Live. 

In the seven years TPN has been bringing great CES content to you, producing thousands of video reviews and interviews. This is no easy feat, with interviews and video production consuming our days and the posting of all this great information for you to see consuming our nights. We are ready to kickstart our 2014 coverage and get you the most information out there.

“We are the smallest group of folks that create the largest amount of content,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and GeekNewsCentral. “I am really excited about all the outstanding individuals and organizations supporting us on the crowdfund.”

Your generosity will bring volunteer crew members to Las Vegas to cover CES 2014...

3-4 Floor teams plus the Live Broadcast Booth...

To make sure TPN best covers the event, three or four crews of professionals scour the halls for the most innovative content while another crew conducts interviews at the booth -- all this in addition to live-bloggers, photographers and others who make this event run smoothly.

Last Year we saw 33 million views between live stream and videos. This year, we expect 35-40 million views of all content. That makes the 3 floor team and 1 live stream team well worth it!

Looking To You - Crowdfunding Road Map

Every year we look for sponsors to help us cover costs; they have been -- and continue to be -- amazing. But, let’s face it, bringing you the best and the brightest and the newest startups along with the trendiest tech gear and gadgets is expensive. Even with our best practices and sound planning, our campaign boils down to funding the project. By crowdfunding, we’ve found a means to not only support our professionals and the end product, we’ve found another way to help you be a part of TPN at CES. 

With your help, we hope to raise $5,000 to bring the professional staff needed to cover this marathon event, cover expenses and bring you the best product and tech advances on the spot and down the road.

Cost Breakdown:
Hotel for 25 - $12,500
Airfare for 25 - $12,500
Van Rental for Equipment - $800
Shipping - $2,000
Booth at CES - $4200
Internet to Livestream - $1200
Expenses (taxi, meals) - $8,000 

“Going to CES for this coverage opportunity is one of my favorite things to do,” says Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine. “I have seen gadgets before they come out to the public, I have been able to talk with the creators and get their points of view and I’ve even met a couple of celebrities also at the event…”

Great rewards for great people!

Everyone who donates to our crowdfunding efforts will get their name linked on TPN.TV/Backers. Our friends at are helping us with T-Shirts to give to you starting at the $25 contribution level. has also thrown in a few Play 25X TV mounting brackets for your home theater system! Not to mention Jeffrey Powers’ “Day with the Podcast Coach” so you can get your podcast started.

Help us connect you

Help us give you the tech content you crave. This year, you can look forward to getting more entertaining content out faster. Count on TPN to bring you the fastest and freshest content out there.


The Crew:

  • - Todd Cochrane - Geek News Central
  • - Jeffrey Powers - Geekazine
  • - Andy McCaskey - SDRNews
  • - Jamie Davis - Podmedic
  • - Don Baine - Gadget Professor
  • - Mike Baine - Gadget Professor
  • - Nicholas DiMeo - F5
  • - Scott Ertz - F5
  • - Nakia Mann - F5
  • - Andrew "HeadHardHat" Smith - GeoSnippets Reboot Podcast
  • - Daniel J. Lewis - the Audacity to Podcast
  • - Jack Ellis - Our production guru 
  • - Cherrie Cochrane - Our administrative assistant
  • - Chris Montera - GeekyMedic
  • - Anne Montera - Geekymedic
  • - Rob Greenlee - My Digital Life
  • and more to come...


Team Members


Todd Cochrane

20 Contributors


Contributions of $5,000 goal

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Campaign Ended on 2013-12-15

Jeffrey Powers

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General Backer

Thanks! Your name and link will be posted on TPN.TV/Backers page. 

This is a great exposure to your website from TPN.TV

The link will be posted until Oct 2014. Broken links will be removed. No alcoholic, pornographic or other explicit websites will be accepted.

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T-Shirt Reward

Not only will you get a link on TPN.TV/Backers, but also A TPN Backer T-Shirt. Great to show off to your friends!

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Two Name/Link/T-shirt reward!

Get 2 links on TPN.TV/Backers and 2 T-Shirts 

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Taxi Supporter

48 left of 50 available

Pay for taxi rides as we race across Vegas to cover the show! 

Get mentioned in the Taxi videos, name and link on TPN.TV/Backers and T-Shirt

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Gear Rental Car Supporter

9 left of 9 available

We rent a vehicle to move all A/V gear from event to event. Get mentioned in our videos, link and T-Shirt

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Podcaster Special!

22 left of 25 available

PERFECT for a podcaster who wants exposure to their show! 

Your show will be mentioned on the Live stream 6 times for one day - 30 second shout out with call to action. You can record a spot, or we'll do it for you! 

Further, your link will be under "media supporters". You will also get a video shout-out by the crew for you to use on your show as a promo spot. 

Add to that a T-shirt and you will be styling and profiling on your podcast!

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Breakfast Supporter

9 left of 9 available

Feed the team breakfast and your support will be acknowledged when we record the morning planning meeting. Bronze link on TPN.TV, T-shirt + a Photo canvas discount coupon (80% off) at CafePress

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Hotel Room Supporter

25 left of 25 available

Get your name on the inside hotel room door and a mention on the live video stream each day of the show. 

Link on TPN.TV, T-shirt and PLAY 25X TV mount from Omnimount 

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Plane Ticket Supporter

25 left of 25 available

Get a video shoutout from 35,000 feet! 

Also a link on TPN.TV, T-shirt and PLAY 25X TV mount from Omnimount 

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Sponsor Live Stream (1 Day)

4 left of 4 available

With this backer level, you will be a daily sponsor of the live stream. Your 60 second call to action script will run 6 times during that day. 

This is a great level for a SMB who plans starting a podcast, because you will get time from Podcast coach Jeffrey Powers to set up and get your podcast running. (Must supply travel and hotel if more than 50 miles away from Madison, WI). 

T-shirt and Silver link on TPN.TV

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Shipping Supporter

2 left of 2 available

This level will cover all shipping costs of gear! You will be mentioned in shipping videos, plus multiple mentions on the live stream. 

Podcast Coach time from Jeffrey Powers, Silver Link and T-shirt 

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Wrap-up Supporter

2 left of 2 available

Cover our meal and close-out party Get video mentions in a toast and multiple mentions on live stream. 

Also get time from Podcast Coach Jeffrey Powers, Silver link on TPN.TV and T-shirt

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Cover Post Production Cost

4 left of 4 available

A team mixes videos down to post on TPN.TV and other websites. They will also create the posts to go on these websites (5 or more). 

This backer level will cover the cost it takes for this to be done. 

We create up to 300 videos at CES. You will get a 60 second call to action embedded into the video. You will also get mention on the live stream, link on TPN.TV and T-shirt

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Coverage for 1 day

4 left of 4 available

You will be given Full sponsor attention for 1 day.

90 second pre-recorded call to action script 8 times a day. 20 post-produced videos with your script. 

link on TPN.TV, T-shirt

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Donald Trump Backer Level

1 left of 1 available

This one is for Donald Trump - the founder of this website. 

Right now we have plans to stay downtown to save a few $$. However, we would be more than happy to not only stay at Trump Towers, but also do some video at the Hotel/Casino. Interviews with staff and possibly yourself during CES.

You will also get hourly ads for Trump Towers (or another property of yours) during the live stream all week. Your ads will also be on post-produced content.

You will get 20 TPN @ CES T-shirts and personal podcast time with Jeffrey Powers and Todd Cochrane at a location of your choosing within the United States. 

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