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TCM Test Pressings Are Here!

TCM - Final FundAnything Update!

TCM Almost Human Update

TCM Studio Tour & Exclusive Listening Session

Get the ORIGINAL MPC 3000 that made VEGAS

The Crystal Method x Casio XW Synthesizers

The Crystal Method - Update 2

Listen to the first single from The Crystal Method and download it for free here:

The Crystal Method - Update 1 

Calling All Freaks! Welcome to your all access pass to anything and everything TCM. The days of waiting for the next TCM album are officially over! We've decided to launch this FundAnything campaign to directly share with you the results of two years of working our asses off. Our new album, The Crystal Method is the best work we've ever done and we can't wait for you to hear it. 

In creating this new album we went back to our basics. We dusted off analog synths, plugged in distortion pedals, layered melodies over beats and bass lines in our endless pursuit to create the quintessential TCM sound.     

For a long time we've thought outside the box and worked beyond the reach of Corporate America. 

Now we're giving YOU the opportunity to roll directly with us, and Trip Like We Do.

2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of The Crystal Method and we owe it all to YOU. Your support has helped spark a worldwide EDM revolution!  And YOU are the reason why we get to keep doing what we love!

In commemoration of this historic milestone, we have put together a multi media celebration that we’re offering directly to YOU. Everything here is 100% exclusive and extremely limited. That means that this is the only place you can score this awesome swag and this is the only time they will be made available.

So please join us at this special moment in time. Be sure to check back here often so you can be the first to learn about all the surprises we’ve planned especially for you. Your support means everything to us and we are goin' to blow this shit up in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned.

Keep Hope Alive,

Scott & Ken


The Crystal Method - Emulator (Snippet)


The Crystal Method - "Lucian" Live feat. Wes Borland (League of Legends Championship)

We had an awesome time at the League of Legends Finals at the Staples Center last Friday (10/4).  Big thanks to Riot Games and everyone that made this performance special.  Watch the whole thing here:


Stream "Emulator"


The Crystal Method x Sonos


The Crystal Method - League of Legend Championships (Behind the Scenes)

The LoL finals were incredible.  Here are some behind the scenes photos with some of our friends that made it all happen! (Photos by Colin Young-Wolff Photography and Jorgensen Photography)


Dancing Astronaut Reviews "Emulator"

"As deftly produced and funk-fueled as ever, the duo merge their trailblazing big beat tendencies with a bit of the new wave electro that has come to define dance music’s current sound.  Propulsive and spastic, 'Emulator' grinds and stutters like a malfunctioning robot. It’s a fantastic spin on the modern day trends as no one but The Crystal Method could accomplish."  Read the entire article here.


The Crystal Method - Name of the Game


The Crystal Method - "Comin' Back"


The Crystal Method - "Born Too Slow"


The Crystal Method - "Keep Hope Alive"

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The Crystal Method

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The Ultimate Vegas Tweekend!

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Warning: Life insurance policies must be in place for all those claiming this reward! The Crystal Method will arrange to have their private jet pick up you and 7 of your closest (and/or hottest) friends anywhere in the U.S. and then whisk you away to Sin City. A super stretch limo will be waiting for you on the tarmac when you land. The limo will take your entourage to a fabulous casino resort where you’ll be Scott and Ken’s guests for the evening in a Mega Party Suite. Once everyone is in the right state of mind, Crystal Method will throw down some monster grooves to get the party really rolling. The entire show will be recorded and TCM will arrange to have a professional photographer document everything.  The next day a limo stuffed full of swag (for you and your 7 guests) will take you back to your private jet that will fly you home or to your choice of hospital!

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