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Dear Lover of All Things Wonderful,

We are the producers of the STARCK PROJECT; a unique trilogy created by award-winning filmmakers focused on the 1980s. We NEED your help to finish the first installment of a three-part project; the DOCUMENTARY!


Inspired by the Philippe Starck designed nightclub, the "Dancing" icon was introduced at the infamous STARCK CLUB. The symbol represents revelers of past decades and generations to come. The figure now pays homage to the past by representing the future, Electronic Dance Music (EDM). EDM is a global movement cut from the cloth of the deejay turntable. Producers of EDM now enjoy the international scene pioneered by mixing vinyl dating back to the 1980s. The curves of the "Dancing" figure represent the constant change we experience and our ability to adapt to any environment, or create our own. May you find yourself through music, may you find yourself at all. We wish you well!


First, you experience the documentary - a true telling of what actually took place inside the infamous Dallas, Texas hot spot, the STARCK CLUB (1984 - 1989).  Next, we explore the fictionalized, what-could-have-been, narrative film based on characters developed from our expansive interview footage. Among others, you will meet the entreprenuerial club owner, the untouchable drug kingpin, the small town kid discovering himself through music and the hairdresser that had all the connections. Finally, you join the cast in a weekly television series - a deeper look into the unique story lines that will show you the excess of 1980s Dallas as multiple lives seamlessly exist and interact free of judgment in one place that otherwise would have never crossed paths - inside the STARCK CLUB.


This raise is required to acquire the overwhelming approvals we received for music licenses to be included the documentary film. Original requests were sent out to Depeche Mode, Book of Love, Tom Tom Club, Pet Shop Boys, Art of Noise, George Kranz, Section 25, Afrika Bambaata, Johnny Rotten, Modern English, Dominatrix, Uptown Girls and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. 

The film now includes tracks from the Sex Pistols, Yaz, The Ramones, Les Rita Mitsouka, Magazine 60, Propaganda, Black Rito, Malcolm McLaren, Frankie Knuckles and When in Rome. Wait, it gets even better - we actually have multiple tracks from Book of Love, Yaz and Pet Shop Boys. In addition to music licensing we also have to license archival footage, cover the original score, update the animation, graphics and titling along with creating the sound mix and color correcting the entire film. 


The STARCK PROJECT, although not known then, was first realized almost 30 years ago. Two of the project's four producers credit life changing experiences to the Starck Club. Michael Cain left the Dallas club scene in the early 90s to pursue a passion for creating film. As a graduate of AFI film school in LA Michael went on to flourish as a Producer and Executive Producer delivering over 20 feature-length films to Showtime and HBO before returning home to give back to his community. The Dallas Film Society, host of the Dallas International Film Festival owes a great gratitude to its founding artistic director, Michael Cain, the now Executive Director of Earth Day Texas. Michael's 2006 Sundance award-winning film, TV Junkie is still meeting audiences around the world via iTunes.  

Wade Randolph Hampton, DJ WishFM, never emerged from the nightlife. Wade continued to discover himself through the beats pulsating the four walls of the underground. He joined a cultural revolution as a DJ, acting as a bricklayer paving the path to the success of the Electronic Dance Movement (EDM) is experiencing present day. Wade still delivers fresh tracks to high society thrill-seekers through Sisu - an urban creation mixing fine dining and cocktails with an outdoor pool party of class and sophistication. Make sure to check out Wade's work as music supervisor in Groove, a dizzying descent into San Francisco's underground rave scene. Wade also portrayed himself in the film as DJ WishFM sharing screen time with international superstar DJ John Digweed.

The Starck Club, a concept in the early 1980s by visionary entrepreneur Blake Woodall led to the first US creation of legendary designer, Philippe Starck. The club took Starck's namesake to show the vague hipness of the counterculture the Starck Club and Blake Woodall so wished to represent. Unique and creative, Michael and Wade have expressed their stories through the retelling of others all at the hand of editor and co-director, Miles Hargrove (IMDB Credits: HARRY POTTER, VAN HELSING, PROOF OF LIFE). The combined vision comes together in one explosive project guaranteed to leave you wanting more. 

There are three easy steps for getting involved:

1. Watch the video! 

2. Choose your reward level and contribute.

3. Pass this on to your networks through email, social media and any other communication avenues you may have.


Melina McKinnon (Producer)



A sneak peek from Susan Ottaviano and Ted Ottaviano's interview -  Book of Love.

Peter Hook discusses Blue Monday and shares Kraftwerk's view on the song.

Tommie Sunshine, record producer, remixer, DJ and songwriter of electronic music from Chicago talks about the influence of iconic 80s music and how Blue Monday transcends the mind to pure ecstasy. Ever wondered the roots of Tainted Love – Tommie tells us!

Larry Hagman, better known to some as J.R. Ewing, would come in from Southfork Ranch on occasion to hang his hat at the Starck Club.

Trailer that played during the 2013 CBGB festival.

Christina de Limur aka "Sita", Philippe Krootchey, Edwige Belmore, Philippe Starck, Blake Woodall) on the stairs of the Starck Club leading down to the Cold Bar!

The STARCK PROJECT Executive Team (Wade R. Hampton, Miles Hargrove, Dennis Bishop, Melina McKinnon, Michael Cain)

Co–Director, Michael Cain with Philippe Starck in Starck's Paris home.

The upstairs funny bar

The Starck stairs were one of the most common "dance floors."

Starck Club DJ booth

Princess Stephanie and Rob Lowe made headlines when visiting the Starck Club

The Starck Club allowed you to be on your best…and worst behavior!

Starck Events

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Melina McKinnon

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Share Me

I, Generous Giver of the Universe, hereby solemnly swear to give $1 to the STARCK PROJECT. In doing so, I realize my true duty is to help spread the message. I am taking a vested interest in this project and will SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, or in this case, share the campaign by emailing all my contacts and sharing the campaign with all of my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace :), Instagram and every other social media outlet I have. In return, we offer you good mojo, virtual hugs and happy thoughts! 

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The Mega Deal

You just bought the movie...and we're giving you some music to go with it. 

You get the online version of the STARCK PROJECT documentary and access to the film's original score (10 - 20 tracks) created by DJ WishFM. You will receive access to the new music created to compliment the old school 80s hits that give the film a unique and nostalgic presence. Be the first to have this as it is an original, only-offered-here reward. 

5 claimed



As seen in the picture you will receive one of the custom-made "Dancing" icons. The symbol, born in the 80s, is cut from stainless steel. An emblem for the combination of dance and music. 

This should be a constant reminder to enjoy your life. The music plays even when it is not on! What is the soundtrack to your life?

8 claimed



As seen in the picture you will receive two of the custom-made "Dancing" icons. The symbol, born in the 80s, is cut from stainless steel. An emblem for the combination of dance and music.

Listening to music alone can be therapeutic, adding in one other can quickly become a party. Again, the symbol should be a constant reminder to enjoy your life and those you share it with. 

The music plays enen when it is not on! What is the soundtrack to your life?

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As seen in the picture you will receive three custom-made "Dancing" icons. An emblem for the combination of dance and music.

Everyone loves a good crowd and those that went to the STARCK CLUB know that it was one of the most original crowds ever! 

As a bonus we are going to email you a link to watch the STARCK PROJECT documentary upon completion.

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Honestly We Like You

And we would like to give you a t-shirt. The STARCK PROJECT documentary t-shirt is derived from an original logo created by Philippe Starck himself for use at the STARCK CLUB.

We will be sending a copy of the DVD with the t-shirt and also give you online access to the original score included in the STARCK PROJECT documentary. 

Links with archival footage will be sent your way too. You'll receive access to a variety of the 125 interviews captured, archival footage and content from the filmmakers too.

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Dos T-Shirts + Dos Movies = Got Ya'lls Back

We've got your back covered plus one of your friends, family members or a random stranger if you like. 

In other words, we are sending two t-shirts, two DVD copies of the film, the original score and the links for the archival footage.

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A Grab Bag of Fun

94 left of 100 available

Do you trust us? 

We will put together a grab bag of some of our favorite things that we have gathered along the way. We are going to package them up in a box that still has new box smell and send them to you. If your box has holes poked in it make sure to open immediately - it could be an official Philippe Starck designed puppy. We kid. We kid. Or do I? 

Seriously, just trust us on this one. It's gonna be epic! Just to prove it, we'll even include your name in the credits under SPECIAL THANKS!

As a hint: you will definitely receive a copy of the DVD!

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You have just been awarded a spot with your name under SPONSOR in the end credits of the film! 

You also win a small showcase showdown - no car, but some t-shirts, 1980s club pictures, a phone call from the director(s), a DVD copy of the film, online access to the film and an invite for (2) to the film if and when it plays in your city. 

Your name will share the screen with notables such as; Owen Wilson, Paul Oakenfold, Peter Hook, Thomas Haden Church, Tommie Sunshine, Chris Frantz and many other wonderful filmmakers and talents.

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1 left of 1 available

We will credit your name in the end credits of the movie as the underwriting SPONSOR of the Peter Hook interview.

Did Joy Division or New Order have a direct impact on your life? If so, here is your chance to have your name appear with Peter Hook on the big screen. We will list your name as the sponsor of the Peter Hook interview.

Trust us, it cost more than $2500 to produce!

Just for good measure we are going to give you 10 copies of the DVD, a couple t-shirts and access to archival footage. We'll also throw in a link that shares more of Peter Hook's interview from Manchester!

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Music Makes the World Go Round

2 left of 2 available

Is it a coincidence that the world spins and so do turntables? We think not. 

Therefore, you - the Musician, are the perfect partner for us, the Filmmaker. Why? I will tell you. 

We will feature your music in the director's cut of the film. Be real, it has to fit the style of the film. Our music supervisor, Wade Randolph Hampton (Groove) will collaborate with you to create a track that is relevant to the story. You will be credited in the credits with acts like - Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Section 25 - you get the drift, now go on and get this reward! 

You will get 10 copies of the DVD to send out to friends and family. You will have online access to the film. You can use the scene within the film that includes your track for your personal reel. We will invite you to festival screenings, hook you up with some t-shirts and brag about you to our growing fan base!

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1 left of 1 available

We will credit you as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER in the STARCK PROJECT documentary. 

Your contribution will make a direct impact in finishing the film. Your name will appear in the closing credits and on IMDB as a part of the film. You will forever be a part of the STARCK PROJECT documentary. 

You will also receive an invitation to the premiere of the film (+3 guests), ten copies of the DVD signed by the filmmakers to share with your friends and family. We'll also invite you to any film festivals the film is playing at along with other events surrounding the release. We'll send you some t-shirts and promotional swag to pass out amongst your friends too.

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Co-Executive Producer

1 left of 1 available

We will credit you as a CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the STARCK PROJECT documentary. 

Your contribution will make a direct impact in finishing the film. The Co-Executive Producer reward dollars will cover the color correction the film requires for theatrical play along with enhancing a portion of the sound mix. 

Your name will appear in the closing credits and you will forever be a part of the STARCK PROJECT. 

You will also receive an invitation to the premiere of the film (+5 guests), 25 copies of the DVD signed by the filmmakers to share with your friends and family and exclusive access to speak with the filmmakers and those directly involved with the project. We'll also invite you to any film festivals the film is playing at along with other events surrounding the release.

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1 left of 1 available

You just became an Executive Producer and funded the development of the narrative script. What does that mean? Super question. We'd like for you to fly yourself in and meet us. We'll treat you to an ultimate Dallas VIP experience. Get your Centurion Card ready because you are gonna need it - we have plans for you! We like to make this one sound easy - and we hope it is. 


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