Support Penn Jillette's New Movie - Director's Cut!
YOU can make him a really BAD guy

Give me your email and I’ll send you a groovy GIF taken from the trailer of my next feature film, “Director's Cut.” This movie is from my heart. I love it as much as anything I've ever done. Unfortunately, Hollywood studios don't make movies like this.

Many suits said they loved the script (of course they lie). But they wanted me to do movies like I’ve done in the past, (my movie about a filthy joke and my movie about a 17th Century painter . . . . you know, movies like that). “Director’s Cut” is not formulaic, and I see that as a feature not a bug. That’s a good thing! What I want in a movie is wit and surprise, and a bit of sexy and scary. So I'm asking fans like you to help me finance “Director’s Cut,” a movie for people like us, at The campaign launches September 19th and I've got tons of groovy rewards in return for your support. I do not want your money for nothing, (and I already have my chicks for free) -- you’ll get great rewards for your contribution. We’re finishing up the rewards list now so make sure you’re the first to see it – this stuff will go fast. So let's make a movie together that we can all be proud of. Sign up below and I’ll keep you posted on the movie and I’ll also send you my “I’m so sick of being nice” GIF. I bet you’ll find it useful in all sorts of situations. You will. I know you.


P.S. I'm pleased that Adam Rifkin (from my favorite movie, “Look” – check it out now – we’re going to be a good team) has signed on as Director of this film. This is going to be so so boss! Thanks for joining me.