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I want to help unknown comedy performers and give them their first break in show business!

You may know me from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, cartoons THE CRITIC and THE SIMPSONS and movies such as A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. Every successful entertainer got a break somewhere, from someone who provided the opportunity for their emerging talent to be seen and their craft to be supported.

My own career has benefited from this type of mentorship. Great performers like Laraine Newman, Charles Grodin, Penny Marshall and of course, Lorne Michaels.

I’ve made a commitment to helping people achieve their entertainment dreams. In 2009, I opened The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Studios Hollywood to showcase the best-of-the-best in comedy and music. The club is frequented by the biggest names in the business giving newcomers the opportunity to share the spotlight with world class performers.

But the best and brightest shouldn’t be limited to the reach of the physical stage. I’ve got some big ideas on how we can extend the comedy beyond the walls of the club.


I sat down with host Michael Yo from The Yo Show on OMG! for a chat on comedy and this campaign.


It’s time to open the doors to the digital world! I’m launching THE JON LOVITZ COMEDY NETWORK to provide an online home for stand-up performers, comic storytellers, talk shows, and vodcasts. Sure, Funny Or Die has made a place on the web for sketch comedy but did you know there is no good place online to discover great new comics? 

If you want to get a taste of what the comedy network will provide, check out my current YouTube channel. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This new online entertainment platform will let talent reach audiences everywhere, at any time. And I want you to be a part of it!


Here’s the second part of my master plan. In addition to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and launching THE JON LOVITZ COMEDY NETWORK, I’m producing a comedy special that will highlight four comedians, hand-picked by me. “Jon Lovitz Picks!” will feature new talent alongside some very special guests. I’ve got some of my funniest friends lined up to share the stage with these up-and-coming comedy performers.

“Jon Lovitz Picks!” will launch the careers of some very promising performers while providing entertainment for comedy fans.


Crowdfunding is the newest way to raise funds for artistic projects. With your support, we can make sure that there will always be a place for those with both the talent and the drive to realize their dreams.  As long as they’re funny, of course.

The funds we raise will extend opportunities to performers beyond the Hollywood city limits and my club. By producing a comedy special and launching a digital comedy network, I’m aiming to give that all-important, ever-elusive break to people who might not otherwise have one. In turn, you guys all over the world will be entertained!


Besides comedy that’s not tied to corporate nonsense or random network demands? A lot. I’ve come up with some good stuff. It's important to me that you get great perks for your contribution. You work hard for your money and I appreciate your support for my projects and these up-and-coming comedians.

I'm offering everyone who contributes $7 (or more) the digital download of my comedy special. I'll do your outgoing voicemail message for a contribution of $35! You can come have lunch with me and participate in a live Q&A. I will make you a special Producer and include your name in the ending credits of “Jon Lovitz Picks!” on DVD. No talent required, just cash!

Oh, you have talent? I’ll feature your comic video performance on the new site. Or you can appear live as my guest on an episode of LOVITZ OR LEAVITZ.

If the heat of the spotlight gives you hives, I can give you or your business a personal shout-out on my vodcast, LOVITZ OR LEAVITZ. Or just come hang out at the club, get in on a photo-op with me or sit in the editing booth during a live taping.

I’ve also got signed swag if the idea of hanging out with me gives you hives.

Share our campaign with your friends! And standby by for more updates from me and some very special guests!

Follow me on Twitter @realjonlovitz 

Visit the club at

Comedy is nothing without an audience and we can’t do this without YOU.

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Digital Download

Your name (or Twitter handle) will be included as a Special Thanks on the official website for The Jon Lovitz Comedy Network!

Plus I'll send you the digital download of my comedy special "Jon Lovitz Picks: 4 New Comics!"

That's a great value for your support of my new projects.

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Your Shot at the Spotlight!

Aspiring Performers! Get your shot at the spotlight! 

Send me your very best performance and I will feature your comedic video or stand-up on my JON LOVITZ COMEDY NETWORK website.

In this reward I will also send you a digital download of my new upcoming comedy special "Jon Lovitz Picks: 4 New Comics!"

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Special Producer's Credit on "Jon Lovitz Picks!"

I really appreciate your help in funding the comedy specials and our new comedy network. 

In this reward, I will give you a digital download of "Jon Lovitz Picks: 4 New Comics"!!!  

After all, you helped pay for the production. Plus I'll include your name and twitter handle on our special producer's list in the closing credits

Because, afterall, you are now a Hollywood producer!

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Personalized Signed Photo

Guess what? You're contributing more, you're going to get more.... MORE IS MORE!!!

Besides the digital download and your name included on our "Special Producer's List" in the closing credits, I will send you a high-res digital photo, suitable for framing, signed by me and personalized to your name, thanking you for your help.

 You can print it out and frame it, send it to your friends, whatever you want.  

Or, if you'd like, you can give the signed digital photo as a gift for the holidays and I'll make it out to whoever you want!!!  

AND you can pick if you want it from me, my Liar Character (Yeah, that's the ticket!) or my Master Thespian character (I was only acting!)

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Personalized Outgoing Voicemail Message

Friends of mine, for years, always ask me to leave their voicemail messages. One time, I offered a personal voicemail message for "The Race to Erase MS," a charity I've helped for years. And to my shock and surprise, someone paid $8000 for my message on their voicemail!

Now, I want to give you a reward for helping me. 

So, in this reward, I will send you an MP3 of personalized voicemail! I will say your first and last name in your choice of myself, my Liar character or Master Thespian character!

AND I'll send you a signed digital photo, personalized to your name, thanking you for your support.

AND this reward includes the digital download of the comedy special, "Jon Lovitz Picks: 4 New Comics" and put your name and twitter handle on our Special Producer's List.  

This is also a great gift for the holidays!

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Tickets to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Plus Free Drinks!

Get 2 tickets to a comedy show of your choice at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club PLUS 2 comped beverages and free parking at Universal Studios!

We'll also send you the digital download and include your name or Twitter handle as a Special Thanks in the closing credits of the "Jon Lovitz Picks!" and on the official website.

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Lunch With Me!

50 left of 50 available

I'll hold a live Q&A while you enjoy some great food at my club in Universal Studios Hollywood. This is a great opportunity to visit CityWalk, hang out with comedy fans, and have a delicious meal.

Can't make it to LA? I will send you password and you can watch a live stream of the Q&A.

Don't worry, I'll schedule this event in advance so you can plan accordingly.

AND I'll send you the digital download of my comedy special "Jon Lovitz Picks: 4 New Comics!" with your name in the closing credits.

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Advertise on Lovitz or Leavitz!

I get some pretty cool guests on my vodcast show, like Dana Carvey and Mayim Bialik. I also have sponsors who pay for on-air advertising on the show.

I want to thank you for your support by offering this reward of a 30 second ad, read by me during an episode of Lovitz or Leavitz.

This is a great opportunity to promote your business, propose to your girlfriend, or say "hi!" to Mom. The 30 seconds is all yours!

Advertising like this can cost over one thousand dollars but you work hard for your money and I want to help you as thanks for helping me!

I'll also send you the digital download of my comedy special with your name in the closing credits.

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Meet & Greet at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club

30 left of 30 available

You'll get a Photo-Op plus Meet & Greet with me at my club at CityWalk Universal Studios Hollywood!

This awesome reward also includes:

  • 2 tickets to a comedy show at my club plus 2 comped beverages

  • Digital download of my comedy special with your name appearing in the closing credits

    Plus your name or Twitter handle included on my new comedy network website

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Sponsor an full episode of Lovitz or Leavitz

We get a lot of cool sponsors for my vodcast show and now you can be one of them!

Sponsor an entire episode of “Lovitz or Leavitz.” 

Advertise your business with three 30-second ads read by me during a live taping of Lovitz or Leavitz. I'll also put up your logo and business website onscreen. 

This is a tremendous deal and a great opportunity to create a permanent ad for your business. My episodes air on my vodcast network and my YouTube channel so people will see and hear your ad for a long, long time.

I'll also send you the digital download of my comedy special with your name in the closing credits!

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Guest Appearance on Jon's Vodcast

8 left of 10 available

Make a live, guest appearance on an episode of Jon’s vodcast show LOVTIZ OR LEAVITZ filmed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles!

Showcase your talent or just be a part of the comedy magic as Jon's special guest. 

This reward also includes:

  • 2 tickets to bring your friends to watch the filming

  • Digital download of the comedy special JON LOVITZ PICKS! with your name appearing in the closing credits

  • AND your name or Twitter handle included on my Jon Lovitz Comedy Network website!

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Rename the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club

1 left of 1 available

For a cool $1,000,000,000  you can rename the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in your honor for one year!

The ultimate reward for a comedy fan, see your name on a banner adorning the coolest comedy club in Hollywood plus t-shirts advertising your name, and your very own booth at the club.

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