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UFO-Track ... Earth's first UFO Alert System

UFO-Track is a 100% automatic, real-time detection, tracking, and prediction system that alerts you when a UFO is nearby or headed in your direction.

Will you be ready?

"UFO track is a Godsend to Ufology" 
- Jerry Pippin, Inception Radio Network interview 1/13/14

"Taking Ufology to the next level" 
- Alejandro Rojas, Open Minds Radio Network interview 1/20/14

Hooray! Our two crowd-funding campaigns plus some direct contributions now have us at near the 50% mark. This project is a big "GO!" Lock in your life time Track Membership today. 

Map of the United States with UFOs detected on it

Our team is developing a network of interactive smart phone apps, integrated with a website to text-alert our members when the magnetic field of the Earth is affected nearby, or in a pattern headed their way, all with no human intervention.

By proactively engaging multiple witnesses, with multiple cameras, and automatically logging exact time, date, location, and multiple witness pattern information, we can dramatically increase the credibility level of UFO sighting events.

This grand experiment has the potential to provide earth-shattering evidence of the existence of UFOs. Please join with us in this quest!

Cell phone simulationThis project is raising funds for completing the app, website, server, and database development. The system has passed the "proof of concept" phase.

It uses the equipment already present in today’s smart phones.

When the phone is at rest, such as at night, while being charged, or just sitting on a desk or table, it automatically monitors the magnetic field of the earth. Alerts happen as soon as these phones detect a significant disturbance in the field. A local notification will alert the user, and report back to a central computer system the event’s location, date, time, and magnetic signal data. That system will send out text alerts to Track Members near the anomaly, to alert them that something has been detected nearby, perhaps headed in their direction. This should provide an opportunity to quickly go outside (camera or binoculars in hand) and "look up" to see if there is anything in the sky. As a Track Member, you also get text alerts about sightings nearby, or at multiple locations of your choice around the country, perhaps where friends or relatives live.

UFO Track wants to get more eyes on the skies and have people at-the-ready with their cameras and equipment, so that we can verify UFO events with multiple-source, undeniable, verified, quality hard evidence.

Media Coverage of this idea is reaching far and wide!

We have been invited to appear on The Crowd Funder Show in the near future, now starting its second season on Fox TV. (Stay tuned!)

Recently, John was interviewed by Jerry Pippen on the Inception Radio Network, and John and EJ were interviewed by Alejandro Rojas on the Open Minds UFO Radio broadcast. The experts are weighing in on the UFO-Track concept, and they like it! 

Jerry Pippen stated on his show, "UFO-Track is a God-send for ufology!"  

Alejandro Rojas stated, "UFO-Track takes Ufology to the next level!"

NOTE: During this campaign the newsletters are available for all to review. Click here. Then lock in your lifetime Track Membership to get them every week!

Yes, there is evidence this will work to detect UFOs 

There is strong evidence that magnetic field anomalies do occur in association with at least some UFO sightings where compasses or similar navigational equipment were in operation. For example, in 1969 the Air Force sponsored Project Blue Book study was closed, with all but 701 of the 12,618 researched sightings explained away as balloons, birds, aircraft, clouds, planets, and swamp gas. Those 701 remaining cases were sightings they couldn't explain away, no matter how hard they tried. Several of those high-quality sightings involved significant military compass anomalies while UFOs were being observed by multiple witnesses.

Today, a typical cell phone's sensors are sophisticated enough to easily detect even a minor disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Anyone can watch where events are happening

Once a reading has been received by the central processing website, it displays a blip on the map at Anyone can monitor this web site at any time, but as a Track Member you also get the all-important instant text message alerts, a members-only real-time chat room, a weekly newsletter containing summary data, access to all archived data, and other benefits.

About us

John Craig is a certified UFO investigator and has been interested in the field all of his life, having experienced several unexplained events by constantly watching the skies. He also has debunked many UFO sightings, including some of his own, by using advanced mathematics, physics, astronomy, plus some critical thinking and analysis. He has authored multiple computer programming books for Microsoft Press and O'Reilly, and created cutting edge programs to compute precise sun position for solar energy fields. Recently he has created software for Archaeoastronomy researchers to help understand archaeological sites that engage celestial movements. UFO-Track, and his soon-to-be-published book How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone, are the product of a lifetime of John’s accumulated skills, experiences and knowledge.


EJ Thornton is a business owner, author, lecturer, and educator who has published acclaimed books through her publishing house, Books to Believe In.  EJ is the co-author of Spirit Mound, a book about the “short, gray, large headed people” who, according to Lewis and Clark’s journals, lived at the top of Spirit Mound in South Dakota, a hill where Native Americans refused to venture.

Mike Flanagan is an IT expert and software engineer. Mike is creating UFO-Track’s superior smart phone app as well as core server database and reporting software to expedite monitoring and reporting of anomalies as well as informing and mobilizing Track Members.

Make history!

As one of our Track Members, you could be part of a history-making event should this system be able to notify you in time to witness an event.

This is a grand experiment, with no promises of success, but we sincerely believe that a proactive approach to UFO studies might unlock cosmic secrets of earth-shattering significance. Imagine how it’ll feel to be a part of this historic turning point for this planet!

To our knowledge, nothing of this scale has ever been attempted before. It’s a ground floor opportunity, and the sky's the limit, literally, as to what can be discovered when we coordinate our search efforts in a socially interactive and cooperative way.

Why wait for any government or military disclosure? Let's proactively go after the truth now!  UFO-Track™ is truly an idea whose time has come.

Goals of this project

The app has passed proof of concept stage, and the web site development is underway.  The app and the web server functionality are targeted for completion in February. Join now to help us get there!

We are now working on these steps:

  • * A PR campaign for users to download the app to create a network of coordinated sensors.
  • * Mobilize Track Members who wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world, or any other world!
  • * Scalable, high quality server software and database components to allow handling as many app users and       members as possible, with near 100% up-time with top security.
  • * Publish a weekly newsletter for all Track Members. (See examples here)

Going further

John has created several award winning consumer electronics inventions. If sufficient funding becomes available, expanded goals include a stand-alone detection and reporting device, now on the drawing board, to work hand-in-hand with the smart phone apps. Schools, clubs, businesses, homes, and other fixed sites would benefit from this increased ability to monitor the Earth’s magnetic and gravity fields. Where possible, combining these sensors with all-sky cameras at these fixed locations could provide amazing results.

Be part of the team

If you are a member of a UFO organization or paranormal research group of any size, we want to hear from you. How can we integrate our goals and efforts with yours? Sharing this project with your members can help us all.

We need lots of app users, so spread the word about this important project, and how easy it is to help by simply running the app on your smart phone when we launch. You can buy a stand-alone “UFO Detector” at Amazon for about $50, but our free UFO-Track app goes so much further, adding the unique and very important proactive social elements and analysis to this project.

Become a Track Member of this project. As a Track Member you get those all-important text and/or email notifications when events occur at geographic locations of your choice, gain access to the members-only real-time chat room, receive our weekly newsletter containing summary data about this project, and get links to UFO sightings and related topics in the news. As we build an archive of this data over time, Track Members will have access to it all, for review or research efforts. During this campaign, your one-time membership contribution makes you a life-time Track Member. After the campaign, the membership subscriptions will be on an annual basis. Join today to ensure your lifetime membership!

Take action now

Check out our great selection of backer rewards. We're sure you'll find the option that's just right for you. Don't wait, now is the time to cooperatively share in this important proactive effort to uncover the truth!

  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

  • Run the soon-to-be-launched UFO Detector App on your smart phone, and encourage others to run it too.

  • Become a "lifetime" Track Member at a special one-time low contribution amount to join.

  • Become a "lifetime" Track Member and get a cool T-shirt.

  • Pre-order John's new book, How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone.

  • Also ... 

  • Use FundAnything's nice sharing tools to help us spread the word about this important project.

  • Please share on Facebook, Twitter (#ufotrack), and any other social media sites. 

  • Tell your friends and colleagues.

  • Tell that relative who claims the amazing sighting from years ago.

Tell your local talk-show host.

Let your blogger friend know about this interesting project!

Now imagine this…

What if the UFO-Track project had been up and running when the “Phoenix Lights” event occurred in 1997? 

 A large object, seen by many witnesses (including the governor), flew low and slow over the city early in the evening, and the Air Force dropped flares at the edge of the city two hours later. How many more witnesses might the UFO-Track project have created? Imagine the impact that precisely time-logged data and the mapped path of the object could have provided, and how easily the confusing flares could be isolated from the real object sighting!   If Track Members had been notified as the detected events continued to move in their direction, how many quality, cross-correlated photographs and videos would have been captured? 

Let’s be ready for the next big UFO event.

Let’s make history together.


Will you be ready?

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Chapter from John's UFO biography

In the early 70's John did a strange experiment, something he's told only a few people about because it sounds so bizarre. The result was an amazing CE-5 event experienced by multiple witnesses. This chapter is an excerpt from a book John is writing, about sightings and events he and his family have experienced through the years.

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How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

John has been trained as a MUFON Field Investigator, and has a lifetime of experiences and expertise. His new book, How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone, will be available in the spring. Get one of the first copies, autographed and numbered. This book provides insight and suggestions as to how to go about becoming a UFO investigator, whether on your own or as a team member of an organization, using your Smart Phone in amazing new ways unheard of just a few years ago.

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Lifetime Track Membership

Receive the all-important text and/or email notifications whenever events are detected near locations of your choice. As a Track Member you also get the weekly newsletters, access to special members-only content and real-time chat on the website, and access to all archived data and newsletters.

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Track Membership and book

Lifetime Track Membership as described above, plus an autographed and numbered hard-copy edition of John's book, How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone.

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