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Tom Brennan is a mover and a shaker who knows how to get things done. He has given his time, money and even his body to help The Big 3 Project to help keep it going. Please help Tom realize his dream of a sequel to his favorite movie WINDY CITY HEAT. DONATE AND SHARE, for Tom and all he's been through for Perry Karavello. 


Mole wants to act more professional for The Big 3 Project, so he has decided to check himself in to rehab. First, he has decided to re-embrace his Italian self and once again "donned" the moniker of Tony Barbieri. But, Perry, being wise beyond his years and knowing Mole as well as he does, can see through the act of Tony. Good for you Scaremaster, very few people have  your unique powers of observation which allow you to sniff out a non-Italian Polack.


Happy Birthday Mary Jane and thank you for selflessly using your very special day to raise money for The Big 3 Project. 


Perry Karavello is a real doll and don't worry ladies, he's still available. You may not recognize him because he's only wearing his fanny pack and fedora but would you cover a body like his with a cheap, leather jacket? 


Bryan Callen, a true renaissance man and fan of The Big 3 wants to see a reality show and sequel to the funniest movie ever made, WINDY CITY HEAT, and he needs your help. So, get involved, do your part, donate and share. Go to to learn more.  


The Big 3 are a worldwide phenomenon. Don't miss out on your chance to win 6 FREE BANANAS.   


It is truly amazing how much the Perry Doll resembles the real Perry Caramello, aka the King of Friday Night Comedy. This microcosm of The Big 3 is but a sample of the hysterics The Big 3 have in store for you in their reality show and eventual sequel to their smash, cult classic film WINDY CITY HEAT.


Don't just open your wallets to help The Big 3 Project, open your garage doors, your wall safes or even your parents jewelry boxes because Perry still hasn't been paid for the amazing WINDY WEEKEND. Perry needs to get paid so he can pay Don and Mole what he owes them for the WINDY WEEKEND (wait, what?). Yes, that's how Perry's mind actually works. The only way Perry will get paid is if The Big 3 are able to make a reality show and the only way they can make a reality show is if you help. So, please, donate and spread the word about The Big 3 Project because Perry has bills and his fake disability scam doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore. 


Dicky Barrett and Wolfie putting their differences aside shows just how important The Big 3 Project is!!!  Please help by donating and spreading the word.  


Even the Perry Doll can't do anything right.


Just because this promotional video is excruciatingly boring doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch it, or donate to The Big 3 Project. And, don't worry because just when this video seems hopelessly dull, the lovely Mary Jane swoops in and saves the day.


Detroit's very own Rucka Rucka Ali endorses The Big 3 Project and he's not pulling any punches. He is one of The Big 3's biggest fans and he tells it like it is and calls Perry out but he needs your help to put Perry in his place.


Perry may worship dogs but he's unwilling to share his $10 hat with an adorable little puppy baby. But, what he lacks in compassion he makes up for by being a second rate actor and skateboarder. Help The Big 3 realize their dream of making a sequel to WINDY CITY HEAT and help feed puppy baby.


One day Perry will get it right but the poor guy just can't get anything right. No wonder he's had to resort to scamming the government with a fake disability scam (even though he can leg squat over a ton and he worked as a grocer and delivery boy while on disability). 
Perry and the boys created one of the funniest movies ever made, then they went on to make the funniest podcast in history, it was even voted PODCAST OF THE MONTH in October.
The Big 3 want to continue bringing the public their unique brand of humor and insanity and they need your help to do it. So please, donate and share to The Big 3 Project, Perry's life may depend on it.


As usual, Perry doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Don and Mole do their best but Perry just can't rise above is absolute lack of professionalism. Perry needs to be a star and he'll do anything it takes to be a star, including making hand love with a casting director just so he could get his three SAG vouchers.  

Time is running out for The Big 3 and they need your help to continue their insane journey of making a sequel to the hysterical cult classic WINDY CITY HEAT.  Please, donate and spread the word!


The Big 3: Don, Mole & Scary Perry Karavello

Since its inception over 21 years ago, The Big 3 Project has gone through many phases from live comedy shows to public access programs to a the hysterical, cult classic film WINDY CITYHEAT, produced by Jimmy Kimmel.  And, for the last three years, The Big 3 Podcast, of one of the most popular comedy podcasts on the internet.  The Project was born out of The Ding Dong Show, L.A.’s longest running live comedy show, and hatched from the mind of the show’s host, Don Barris. 

The 3 Stooges of the New Millennium

Perry lives a in a different world from the rest of us and got into show business by a scandalous act that he's not very proud of.  But, despite ruining every opportunity, Perry has managed to keep his dreams, his career and his sex life afloat.  Don and Walter "Mole" Molinski, Perry's best friend, have seen Perry throughout his rise to fame as the star of the cult classic WINDY CITY HEAT.  A sequel was planned but that opportunity was ruined by Perry after he demanded $10.5 million, which he thought he was due after sticking his penis in a mousetrap. 

Birth of a Podcast

After losing his job as a delivery boy and not getting any money from suing members of his family, Perry came to Don begging to revive his “career.”  So, Don and Mole put together The Big 3 Podcast to continue their journey to a sequel to WINDY CITY HEAT.

The Big 3 Podcast continues where the movie WINDY CITY HEAT left off.  Don and Mole lead Perry on his tormented odyssey to stardom, which can only come from a sequel.  

A Sequel or BUST 

Fans of the movie WINDY CITY HEAT have begged for more and now, on the 10th Anniversary of its release, the time has come for the next step in The Big 3 Project.  Words can't describe how much fun it is to work with Perry but too much of a good thing has taken its toll on on Don and Mole.  That's why this may be the last chance for The Big 3 to make it in Hollywood. 

Perry needs help 

Donating to our project will bring you more than just the joy of helping someone like Perry continue to not have to work, you will also get very special gifts that you couldn't possibly get anywhere else.  You could get to meet The Big 3, get invited to a podcast taping, get invited to the filming of the sequels, or even get to be in the sequel with The Big 3. 


We have 45 days to raise $500,000 to fund the sequel. 

Help by donating and getting the word out to as many people as possible via Twitter, Facebook and any other outlet you can think of.  This is a very exciting time and you can be part of something very special by donating and helping to promote our campaign.  Thank you. 

Like us on Facebook and be sure to post this link on facebook and Twitter:

Watch the entire WINDY CITY HEAT 10th Anniversary Celebration recorded live on October 11, 2013 from The World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. 

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Look, it happened one time

You get a special “thank you” shout out on Twitter and Facebook. 

96 claimed


City of Broken Shoulders

You get an autographed photo of the Big 3, plus a "thank you” shout out on Twitter and Facebook

51 claimed


No cannoli on the couch

You get a special DVD of the 10th Anniversary Live Event, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

82 claimed


Perry knocked over the table

You get all merchandise from the 10th Anniversary Shows, and a handwritten note from The Big 3, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

3 claimed


I have a Steven Segal smoothness

Perry will do a special and personal cage dance at your party or private function, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

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I’m gonna read it, my version

You get a special mention in the end credits of the sequel, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

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Another fuckin’ day in Paradise

15 left of 15 available

Perry will professionally detail your car, you also get a very special invitation to a taping of The Big 3 Podcast, your very own picture with The Big 3, an invitation to a special screening of the sequel with The Big 3, a personalized video thank you note from all members of the Big 3, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

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I’m like a young Marlon Brando

15 left of 15 available

You actually get to appear in the sequel and be on screen with The Big 3, a special phone-in Shout-out on the podcast, plus all gifts mentioned above.

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JQA’s Package, if you know what I’m saying?

10 left of 10 available

You get Producer credit in the sequel, VIP treatment during the filming, a VIP invitation to a special screening of the new movie, you also get to spend the night in Perry's apartment, plus all gifts mentioned above.

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The name is Stone, Stone Fury

1 left of 1 available

You get the ACTUAL JACKET that Perry wore when he got into show business by making love to a casting agent, and that he wore in the film WINDY CITY HEAT. You also get one of Perry's official fanny packs that he actually wore,plus all gifts mentioned above. 

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Distributors love rimjob scenes

3 left of 3 available

You will be a very special “$500,000 Executive Producer” credit in the sequel, extra special VIP treatment through the entire production process, plus all gifts mentioned above. 

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