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Regular Car Reviews is a parody car show. We poke fun at car-culture by obscenely reviewing everyday vehicles. Think of it as a comedy roast for automobiles.

Regular Car Reviews is independent. We have no agent, no producer, and no budget. We are only two people, with two cameras, and one homemade steady cam rig made out pipe.

Even though we have no budget, Regular Car Reviews has grown from about 1,000 YouTube subscribers in September 2013, to 45,000+ subscribers by February 2014. That is 200 new subscribers a day and over three million total views.

We are regularly featured on the premier auto blog Jalopnik every week, as well as Car Throttle, Auto Evolution, Car Memes, Car Buzz, Bang-Shift and of course /r/cars on Reddit.

We, were also guests on The Smoking Tire Podcast with Matt Farah where our videos have been featured too.

Our fan base has grown so enthusiastically that we have over 600 car offers from fans who want us to review their cars in verbosely disparaging ways.

Our only vehicle, a 2002 Toyota Echo 5-speed was lost in a traffic accent a few days ago. Everyone is safe, don't worry. This car was to be our chariot for a cross-country road trip. We planned to visit all the generous people who offered their cars to be roasted.

We are raising money to replace our little Toyota Echo and to fund our grand filming adventure.

We are setting a goal of $5,000. If we make more than that, it will be put toward our road trip.

Thank you for your attention and thank you for liking Regular Car Reviews.

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Regular Car Reviews

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