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The Start

Matt, Ben and Evan (left to right)

Quick Shift Pro started as an idea in a dorm room.  Myself (Ben Colabella), Evan Berlanti (in video) and Matt Miklas combined our thoughts and created the idea of Quick Shift Pro.  Unfortunately, we are all broke college students, so we didn't know how we would pull this off.  After a few months of meeting with developers, signing endless Non-Disclosures, and talking with our business advisors, God blessed us with an answer.  He provided us with a developer that would not only build the website and mobile application for us, but fund it completely!  As of right now Quick Shift Pro is in the process of being created.  We have happily accepted our developer as part of the Quick Shift Pro team.  We are on track to begin testing in August and launch in October!  The excitement that this project brings all of us is incredible.

Video Text

Quick Shift Pro is a website and mobile app designed to keep managers and workers in sync and running as an effective team. Its seamless design allows for more flexible, open, and accessible communication between different levels of a business. It provides solutions to the everyday scheduling hassles that burn away efficiency in a business. It eliminates the distractions that take away time that managers and employees should spend engaged with customers and ideas. Its ability to integrate with existing scheduling software ensures a seamless transition into the future of business scheduling. Simply, Quick Shift Pro provides solutions to the everyday scheduling problems of managers, while simultaneously helping to create a business environment with easy and open channels of communication between employees and employers.


Below are some scenarios Quick Shift Pro will solve simply and quickly.

Scenario #1:

Jimmy is the manager of a steak house and John and Jack are two of his employees. John wakes up on a Friday morning and is very excited about the hot date he has that night. In the midst of his happiness he receives a reminder from Quick Shift Pro that he has a shift later that day. He opens his app, goes to shift options and clicks drop shift. Jack, and all other employees who have adjusted their settings to be available for Friday nights get a notification, text message or email that a shift has opened up. Jack clicks accept shift. Jimmy, the manager, receives a notification on his end stating that John is requesting to drop his shift and Jack wants to pick it up. He can either approve this or deny it.

Scenario #2:

Jack is trying to save up money to buy a new car so he puts in a request for more hours and or more days of availability through shift options.  Jimmy can either approve or deny his request for more hours.  The same process would happen if Jack wanted fewer hours.

Scenario #3:

John knows he cannot work on Tuesday night.  He is friends with Jack and knows Jack cannot work on Wednesday but he can.  So he puts in a request through shift options to trade shifts with Jack.  Jimmy can either approve or deny this request.

Scenario #4: 

John knows his family is taking a vacation in a few weeks.  He can request off through shift options for set dates.  Jimmy can approve or deny his request.

Scenario #5:

Jimmy is making his schedule for the upcoming week.  He can click an auto schedule button that fits everyone in the week according to the settings each employee has set as accurately as possible.  There will also be a rating system for manager to keep track of how many times an employee has dropped a shift, traded, requested off or not shown up at work.  He is now done making his schedule for the week.

Scenario #6:

Jimmy is making his schedule.  He makes a roster for Monday and he likes how everything is set up.  He can save that roster and use it again for next Monday.  The same applies for any day. 

Scenario #7:

There is going to be an event held at Jimmy’s steak house.  He will need extra employees to work that night.  He can send a message to all employees or selected employees offering more hours.  First come first serve for employees.

Features for the manager:  

Quick Shift Pro will keep track of how many hours each employee works per day and per week.

QSP will keep track of the total hours of all employees per day and per week.

QSP will keep track of total amount of pay each employee receives per day and per ay period.

QSP will keep track of the total amount of money the business spends paying employees each day, week and month.

QSP will integrate with payroll systems so managers can have their employees automatically paid through QSP and the payroll system.

We are all very passionate about Quick Shift Pro.  Now, we need to raise money for marketing.  The connections we have through our business advisors can only get this so far.  We want to see Quick Shift Pro soar and facilitate the schedule making process across North America and eventually beyond!  We want to give business owners/managers more time to focus on satisfying their customers!  We need this money and we are confident God will provide whether it be through Fund Anything or in some other form.  

God Bless

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