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Brooks Agnew is a lifelong explorer of the mysteries of the Earth and of the universe.  He graduated from high school in San Marino, California and entered the Air Force where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering.  He graduated with honors from Tennessee Technological University in Chemistry and went on to achieve a PhD in Physics and to become one of the nation's most accomplished Six Sigma master black belts in quality.  He has American and international patents in chemistry and electric vehicle technology. 

His passion for understanding the nature of Earth's origin and destiny led him to the same question everyone eventually arrives.  "Do planets form as solid balls or hollow spheres?"  Realizing that there has never been a successful civilian expedition to the Arctic to discover the possibilities, he decided to join an exploration team.  After the untimely death of the expedition's leader, Steven Curry, he was elected to lead the global effort. 

Within two years he had united the clans, so to speak, and planned a scientific expedition to explore for possible clues to the real structure of the planet.  The project has suffered through a sour economy and numerous mysterious setbacks from Agencies and their minions of those who do not want this amazing discovery to be realized.

He has been to China, Tibet, Mount Shasta, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, Egypt, and Mexico putting the pieces together for this expedition.  He is the leader with the passion, the organization skills, and the unswerving scientific methodology that maintains the integrity of the project around the world.  He has spoken to more than 100 thousand people live and more than 40 million by radio and TV about this project and has built global awareness for what millions call the greatest expedition in history.

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Brooks Agnew

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PPV Access

15-day Pay-for-View Access

Millions of people will come with us on this epic voyage via live, streaming video from the deck of the Arctic exploration ship, "50 Years of Victory."  You will be one of them with a full 15-day pass.  Value is $49.00

When the Voyage goes live, you will be provided a link via email that gives you 100% access to all cameras on board the ship for the duration of the voyage.

You get the voyage without the seasickness or long hours.

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Media Package

Media Package

You receive everything in the Level One reward, plus:

A DVD explaining Hollow Earth Theory.

A group photo of the voyagers

A personal Certificate of Appreciation as a supporter of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.

A bonus DVD with selected footage from the voyage.

Value $99

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Team Shirt

Official NPIEE Shirt

Each member of the team receives an official team shirt that will serve as a lifelong reminder that they were on the Voyage of a lifetime. 

Each person that contributes to this voyage through this campaign will receive a team shirt that designated them as a participant in the Voyage.  After all, this will not happen without your support. 

Get your shirt.  Wear it to those really special events, or to the film and show people at the theater that you were one of the team.

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The average summertime temperature above the Arctic Circle is 38 degrees, unless the wind is blowing or it begins snowing.  Team voyage members will be issued a parka to help them survive and look like a member of the Greatest Expedition in History.

You want one?  You can get one of the official North Face parkas by contributing at Level Four.  It will last a lifetime, and no one will ever doubt you are an Earth explorer.

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