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I'm Justin Atkinson and I'm a person interested in sustainable organic farming. I got into aquaponics in college, not through my major or school, but just through reading about it. I read about fish farming and organic vegetable production almost constantly, and would really enjoy producing a wide variety of crops on a consistent basis for people of all backgrounds to enjoy. Food is universal, and should be nutritious and lacking pesticides.

My campaign is to design a greenhouse that utilizes the space it occupies to maximize food production. Food meaning not just vegetables, but the simultaneous growth of fish and vegetables using an aquaponic system. The vegetables consume fish waste that's been altered by a naturally occurring bacteria and the fish consume plants sometimes directly, and sometimes through their byproducts (worms from compost piles!). In a greenhouse, I could use techniques like solar water heaters to maintain a microclimate and the ability to produce a lot of food throughout the year. No need for imports!

There is nothing more amazing than feeding people good food produced locally. The vegetables on our shelves usually come from across the country or across our country's borders. They're also sprayed with pesticides. I want to get rid of the round up, we have techniques that we can use so we don't need it. We can produce an endless amount of food on a consistent basis with these low startup costs. I could feed a lot of people good food for cheap! 

$15,000 to be used accordingly: $3500 on triple wall polycarbonate panels (24 [6'x12']) $2500-steel greenhouse frame-moisture + dust protective tape-connecting screws and washers, $600-2x 1000 gallon tanks for larger food fish, $1400-7x 275 gallon IBC totes for fish varietals and small plant beds, $1000-water pumps and black hose, $1000-wood for grow beds and pond liner, $500-floating beds and individual containers, $500 for baby fish and heirloom plant seeds! The remaining $4500 would go toward finding a place to do this project, most likely finding land to lease. I'll be doing the construction myself mostly, and with the help of my friends and family. This would be my new job, my personal savings and help from my family and friends would last me through this startup period.

Reward contributors will receive periodic updates of the project's progress. I'd show contributors specifically where the products are going, especially the nonprofits and food shelters. You'll see the greenhouse expand and provide food for communities. You'll see group tours of kids from schools getting inspired about things that grow and food sustainability.  

I just hope the idea of aquaponics sparked your interest as much as it sparked mine! The idea makes a lot of sense, and leads to good local organic food production. Please share the idea of aquaponics either by word of mouth or social media! We could use more healthy farms in communities, and more vegetables available to all of the residents.

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Justin Atkinson

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