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If you have ever tasted a stroopwafel, you probably understand where our passion for this typically Dutch cookie comes  from. My name is Wendy de Laat and I love stroopwafels. Thank you so much in advance for reading my story. With your help, I hope to be able to spread the love for stroopwafels across the United States: one bite at a time. I am Dutch myself, so I know all the ins and outs about stroopwafels. Even better: 10 years ago, I started a company that specializes in all things Dutch: Typical Dutch Stuff. Therefore, I have the knowledge, the connections, and the passion in place; I simply need help financing my vision: to be able to bake fresh stroopwafels in the United States.

More about this chewy goodness!

Stroopwafels originate from Gouda, a city in the Netherlands, where they were first made in 1784. Traditionally, they were consumed at coffee and tea time. The stroopwafel is a very popular cookie in the Netherlands, consisting of a thin waffle with a diamond pattern that is cut in half after baking. Then, a special sweet syrup is smeared on the waffles and they are pressed together. The sweetness and taste makes the stroopwafel an absolute delight with a cup of coffee or tea, but is also eaten on its own as a special treat.

My Vision

I started in 2011 and we cater to our customers through our online shop, B2B sales, and by attending festivals and events. We hand-bake fresh gourmet stroopwafels with imported ingredients to give them that authentic Dutch taste. My dream is to bake our stroopwafels with local and organic ingredients. Stroopwafels are delicious, but they are even better when baked fresh, right in front of you. Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly baked, warm stroopwafels.

And that's exactly the reason why I am looking for funding for!  I need help funding a mobile stroopwafel truck. This truck will be the first of its kind in the US and perfect to visit events, fairs, malls, you name it, and bake fresh organic stroopwafels for the public right on the spot. But that's not all! I also have plans for an event catering service. This means a customer can book our stroopwafel bakers and our stroopwafel truck and we will come to any location and bake fresh stroopwafels for their party or event. We will do weddings, company parties, birthday parties, church socials, fundraisers—any event—big, small, or in between–that requires an unforgettable tasty treat.

How to Help

I can't wait to be able to bake fresh stroopwafels for you! So here is where I humbly ask for your help! I am dedicated to this project and to you, the community that supports it. Dutch stroopwafels are my life, as I have been selling them to people all over the world for 10 years and want to continue doing so for a long, long time. I love seeing the look on a person's face when he or she takes that first bite of a warm, fresh stroopwafel.

I know there is a huge interest in stroopwafels. Even people who have never heard of them or tried them, fall in love with them! With your favor and backing of my project, I can make this a reality!

$35,000 will be used to remodel a used truck to our needs, including a commercial freezer, and other kitchen equipment as well as a paint job for the outside of the truck that will include our logo and menu.  I already own the actual stroopwafel machines, hot plates, sinks, and a commercial fridge. I know exactly what we need, as we have been baking stroopwafels in booths at various events since 2011: all I need are the funds to make it happen!

We have some nifty items to give to you as a thank-you! From our freshly baked gourmet stroopwafels to our awesome signature t-shirt and cool coffee mug to warm your stroopwafel on. Thanks to all in advance for your contributions and support!

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Thank you for helping me! As a thank-you, you will receive a packet of our gourmet fresh stroopwafels.

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3 Packs of Stroopwafels

A $50 pledge gives you 3 packets of our fresh gourmet stroopwafels.

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Stroops & Shirt

A $100 pledge gives you 3 packets of our fresh gourmet stroopwafels and an awesome t-shirt!

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6 Months

A pledge of $300 will buy you 6 months worth of stroopwafels, 1 packet per week, so that equals 24 packets - 192 stroopwafels. You'll also receive our awesome coffee mug!

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Full Set

By pledging $500, you'll receive a large set of all of our stroopwafels: regular, minis, and heart-shaped gift-wrapped in a nice box. You'll also receive our signature t-shirt and a coffee mug!

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Year's Worth of Waffles

A pledge of $750 will buy you a year's worth of of stroopwafels, 1 packet per week, so that equals 52 packets - 416 stroopwafels. You'll also receive our awesome t-shirt and our coffee mug!

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A Visit

5 left of 5 available

A pledge of $1500 earns you a visit of our stroopwafel truck! We will come to the location of your choice (currently limited to Ohio) and bake fresh stroopwafels for you and your family & friends.

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Full Event

5 left of 5 available

A pledge of $3500 earns you a visit of our stroopwafel truck! We will come to the location of your choice (currently limited to Ohio) and bake fresh stroopwafels for you and your family & friends AND we will put your company logo (if available) on our truck as a sponsor. This truck will travel through various states, so exposure is guaranteed!

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Your Own Stroopwafel

1 left of 1 available

You get to create your own stroopwafel variety, be it with ice cream, chocolate, coconut, peanut butter: it doesn't matter as long as it's the way YOU like it! We will name it after you (or your business) and put it on our menu & on our truck and advertise it through all our online social media accounts. Your very own stroopwafel: how cool is that! Of course we will also visit you with our stroopwafel truck to serve YOUR stroopwafel to your friends and family!

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