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The Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery & Memorial Park is a National Treasure that represents 350 years of Jersey City history and nature. 


The Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery & Memorial Park evolved from the land of the Leni Lenape to the hunting grounds of our earliest Dutch-settlers to an encampment site during the Revolutionary War & in 1829, became the very first Cemetery Company in the State of NJ, and home to our City's earliest Mayors, Freeholders, leaders, & residents, plus thousands of soldiers from Revolutionary era War of 1812, & Civil War forward.  This 6 acre sanctuary,  rich with history & historic monuments, small wildlife, ancient wildflowers, colonial plants, & mysterious underground crypts & tunnels, was sadly abandoned in 2008.

 Since then, we Volunteers have operated the Cemetery with no regular revenue or funding, and are transforming it into a beautiful Memorial Park & Center for History, Music, & Art, offering Jersey City green open space, and historical, educational and cultural events and programs for children and adults.    

HOWEVER, despite all our hard work and repairs to date, HURRICANE SANDY dealt us a blow when she destroyed the ROOF on the historic Gatekeeper House where our onsite Veterans LIVE.   It will need a Total ROOF REPLACEMENT, and the bids are averaging over $26,000 for the project.   With no income or funding, we barely survive now to just pay the bills and make repairs, and operate the entire historic site as Volunteers.    It is not easy to raise $26,000, but the historic Gatekeeper House is CRITICAL to our success.   WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ???

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