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Update - August 26

Hey party people,

A quick update from the road - doing a couple shows in Boston, New Hampshire and Rhode Island with Dr. Drew.  Was overwhelmed with how many people hung out for autographs and pictures after the shows.  That's what I love about you guys.  You're as loyal as they come.  You've been good to me so I'm going to be good to you.  By that I mean I'm going to bust my ass making a great movie for you.  Even more so I've begun (with the help from my monkeys here at the warehouse) the monumental task of making and delivering all the rewards from the FundAnything campaign that you paid your hard-earned, stolen and/or borrowed from your mom dollars to get.  Our goal is to have everything to you by the end of the year.  We also just made a bunch of Road Hard stickers that will be an added in freebie goodie for everyone.

Yours in Christ,


Update - August 20

Hey Kiddies,

I'm back from my big vintage racing weekend at Laguna Seca.  Hung out with a bunch of other celebrity gearheads like Leno and Patrick "Dr. McDreamy" Dempsy and brought my lackeys along to film some stuff for my Paul Newman doc and to get a taste of the rich white guy life they'll never achieve.  It was good times for all.  I tinkered with the idea of throwing away all your Road Hard contributions at one of the auctions but then I realized that 1.4 mil would only buy a floor mat for some of these works of art.

So as we gear up with production, tinker with the script, add to the cast and nail down locations for the shoot be sure to keep checking here for updates.  I'll be sure to let you know how I'm spending your money.


Update - August 16

Hey Kiddies,

This Road Hard thing is really coming together.  You might have heard Diane Farr on the podcast confirming that she read the script and will indeed be making out with yours truly.  And that's why we need you to really come through here in the home stretch.  If I get a boner when we make out that means we'll need to do a second take and second takes cost money.

As I said on the pod, the thing money buys you in the movie business is time.  There's a bunch of things I would re-shoot from The Hammer.  Not that it didn't turn out good, but you know my hyper-vigilance.  A couple more shoot days, and thus a couple more thousand dollars, we could have gotten some details nailed down a little better, fixed a couple shots, got a few more takes from Ozzie and really made it amazing!

Our funding goal of a million bucks was a number I kinda just pulled out of my ass because that's what The Hammer cost me.  I want Road Hard to be better.  And I think it can be because of the great cast, me sitting in the director's chair and YOU.

That's right.  YOU made this all possible by sending in your money.  It was like a little March of Dimes for one rich white guy.  I'm flattered, humbled and hopeful.  You didn't let me down and I won't let you down.

Party hard this weekend.  You deserve it.  I'll be back on Monday with a podcast about my vintage race weekend and to thank you for all your help as we close out the campaign.

Until then keep spreading the word.  There's probably still a few of your stoner buddies who haven't kicked in yet but will want to see this movie.

- Ace

Update - August 13

Hey Kiddies,

I was gonna take a little break this week and run best-of episodes but then I realized that we're in the home stretch on our FundAnything campaign for Road Hard and we wanted to finish strong.  So I did what any true hero would do - I told my lackeys to cancel their vacation plans.  We're doing some cool shows this week featuring people who are in the movie or connected to it in some way.  Or they were just a good guest who was available.

The point is I didn't want to turn off the spigot quite yet.  You all have been kicking serious ass spreading the word and tossing your own money into the kitty and we appreciate it.  And since  I know many of my fans aren't like you early contributors they're lazy stoners and low functioning alcoholics, I decided we should keep the party train rolling through the weekend.  Thus I hereby decree the campaign goes on until midnight on Monday the 18th with a little celebratory Monday morning podcast action.

So don't blow that Friday payday bread on beer and hookers this weekend.  Send a little love my way and I promise you won't be disappointed.

- Ace

Update - August 9

Hey party people,

Just wrapped up a hell of a podcast with Jay Mohr and Dennis Miller.  Two great guys and great comedians.  Both of whom know a lot about the life of a traveling stand-up.  Which reminds me...

Road Hard.  Just because we crossed the million dollar mark doesn't mean the fundraising party train needs to stop rolling.


Update - August 6

Hey my million dollar babies,

Last week was a great week.  Had a fantastic show at the Wiltern with my pal (and Road Hard cast member) Jay Mohr and you HEROS got Road Hard past the million dollar mark.  We're now officially going to get it on.

But that doesn't mean we're done.  Just because we have enough scratch to make the movie doesn't necessarily mean we have enough to make it as great as it could be.  There's still a lot of cool rewards dangling out there for you to grab up (Yes, ladies, feel free to grab my dangling rewards).  So keep on keepin' on with the fundraising and word spreading so we can make the best damn movie we can.

We'll be able to shoot on more locations instead of having all the sets look suspiciously like my garage.  We'll get some real cameras and lights instead of an iPhone and a Bic lighter.  The crew is still gonna be fighting over one chubb pack of Lance Snack Crackers at the craft services table...not gonna waste one single penny of your money on food.

But let's do this for real.


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MarketWatch - Adam Carolla Raises $1 Million For Movie Project On Donald Trump's

Crowdfund Insider - Crowdfunding on FundAnything Platform Carolla Surpasses $1 Million Target with 15 Days Left in Campaign

Update - Aug 2

Hello my Million Dollar Minions!

You did it before.  And now, you just did it again!

A couple years back I asked you to help me take the Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Podcast from that slimey limey Ricky Gervais.  And you patriots came through.  We captured that title for the good old U.S. of A.  

This year I asked you help me raise a million bucks to make my next independent film, Road Hard.  I asked for your support on July 3rd. There's some nice symbolism there.  On the eve of our Independence Day I asked you to help me fund my independent movie, free from the shackles of the studio system.  

Well you guys have come through in a big way.  We're officially going to get it on and make Road Hard. In fact, we cracked the million dollar mark in less than a month so now we have a nice new record to flaunt, like our previous Guinness victory.  

Make no mistake about it, you’ve kicked some major ass and there’s a couple reasons this is so important:

1) Having this record is going to create a nice buzz around the project so that when it's complete it will get the recognition it deserves. My last movie, The Hammer, got some critical acclaim and the fans loved it but it didn't really get out there because it was hampered by the traditional studio distribution bullshit.

2) But more importantly, getting this funding in record time is a nice slap in the face to Hollywood and the old system.  It’s a great way to say that you, the fans, are in charge now and the rules of the game have changed.

You Got It On! You Sent a Million Dollar Message!


P.S. This isn't the finish line, it's a starter's pistol (insert self satisfied SNIIIFFFF).  We've still got to make the movie that you all want to see. And we can make it a really, really great movie if you keep spreading the word and kicking in.  The rewards that are still available are still available and the more money we raise the more money we can put into the project.

You want this bitch to win an Oscar?  Keep on spreading the word.

Update 2 - Aug 2

Join the Road Hard Roast #Roadhard in celebration of our $1,000,000 record breaking FundAnything campaign. Adam will be tweeting live with comedians whose only goal is to make him cry. The fun begins at 8/2/13/ at 4:30 pacific standard time. 

If you’re not familiar with twitter here are directions:

•If you don't have a twitter account, make one, its super easy.

•Type in #roadhard in the search box at the top of the screen, then it will pull up all #roadhard tweets NOTE: make sure you have the selection on ALL tweets not TOP

•Start rapid firing your jokes, music or whatever else you see fit but make sure to put the hashtag #roadhard in it so we see it, join the conversation

•@Kevinhench will be there as well, the writer of the movie, beat him up too

Update - July 31

Hey hosers,

Just back from being great and white in the Great White North. Had a nice stand-up gig in Vancouver.  Man, Vancouver can party.  One lovely little Canuck brought me six tequila shots throughout the show and eventually had to be removed by security.  It was a good night.

That makes me think, just because your dollars are Canadian and have a picture of the queen on them doesn't mean we won't take them.  We'll take a little Canadian wind in the sails of the pirate ship on our mission to fund Road Hard.

By the time you read this we'll be past $900,000 and less than $100,000 away from our target of 1 million.  And we've still got more than two weeks to go  Amazing, absolutely amazing.  I can't thank you all enough. 

- Ace

Update - July 29

Greetings my little foot soldiers,

I don't know if you've noticed but when it comes to the entertainment business the power has shifted from The Man to The Fan.

You guys are in control - whether it's watching your DVRs, live streaming content without even owning a TV or free listener supported content like my podcast - you decide when, where, who, and how.

And my new Road Hard movie is just the latest example of how you - the fans - have helped me give a hearty 'fuck off' to the man.

When my radio station flipped format in 2009 so a robot could play Rhianna records you responded and gave me the number one podcast. You put it in the Guinness Book of World Records. All I did was put out the content and you spread the gospel. And now you're doing it with Road Hard.

You're helping me do what Hollywood never would - make a movie that isn't focus grouped to death by a bunch of fat retards in Florida, doesn't have a team of lawyers telling me I can't do shit, doesn't have a bunch of hack writers fucking up the script. You're letting me deliver the content that YOU THE FANS want.

This wasn't possible a few years ago. But now it is. And you guys have risen to the challenge. Thank you. But more importantly thank yourselves. You're not doing this for me. You're doing it for you. To get the movie YOU want to see that THEY wouldn't make.

Keep fighting the power

- Ace

Update - July 26

Hey little buddies,

If you know anything about me it's that my word is my bond.

Here's my promise to you, the contributors to Road Hard.  I'm going to make a movie that you want to see.  It won't be focus tested or vetted by a bunch of humorless old bags like my sitcom pilots were.  This will be my words, my direction, and my production.  It'll just be your money.

And in exchange for that money the rewards promised will be great quality and delivered on time.

And finally, your support will not go unrecognized.  Your name will be in the credits of my movie and will live on forever.  

So please keep on spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook.  I promise if you don't let me down, I won't let you down.


Update - July 23

Hello my little ragamuffins,

Well we had a great run at Caroline's this weekend that you all can enjoy listening to throughout the week.  In the meantime I'm as pleased as punch to say that we are now past the $700,000 mark on the FundAnything campaign for Road Hard.  To put that in perspective - with that kind of dough you could buy my dad's first A-frame house in the Valley 47 times.

And it's all because of you.  As a little thank you and encouragement I put some more outtakes from the Bryan Cranston video up on the site.  That guy is just a ball of talent.

I've also got some new rewards.  You and a friend can come to the podcast studio and then have lunch with me (If you're gay we can make it brunch).  And the big prize, my offer to do stand up at your house, just expanded.  It was only for people in the LA area but now I'll make the pilgrimage out to your place in New York, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, Vegas AND Seattle.  And I'll do it twice if more than one person from each city wants to cough up to have my hairy ass grace their place.

That's it for now.  Keep on truckin'.


Adam Carolla and Bryan Cranston Boner Footage

You saw the final take a look at some of the outtakes!

Update - July 20

As I'm busting my ass on stage right now doing 5 shows from Caroline's I'm going to dispense with the update and just let this letter speak for itself.  It warms my cockles.


Subject: Why I Invested in Road Hard...AKA Adam Cures Cancer!


Upon hearing about your FundAnything campaign, I immediately decided to make a donation.  I imagined it would only be a matter of time before scrutiny followed a process whereby a millionaire is sticking his proverbial hadn out towards the masses.  And so I wanted to share, for whatever it's worth, the reasoning behind my $180 investment in Road Hard.

Why I invested in the Ace Man's dream...

You cured my cancer - well, kind of... In May, 2009 I was diagnosed with late-stage gastric cancer and was given six months to live.  How am I still here?  Simple - a strict regimen of the Adam Carolla Show Podcast.  I began listening daily and the rest is medical history. (1)

I owed you - I still do!  Doing some back-of-the-envelope math, I came up with the fact that you have provided me with about 1,800 hours of the podcast - all for FREE! (22 podcasts per month x 53 months x 90 minutes per podcast = 1,800 hours) And so my $180 contribution becomes the equivalent of paying you $0.10 per hour for your comedic genius - you could be making Apple products in China for those wages! (2)

You have feelings, too... It is a noble, yet I imagine an emotionally draining, undertaking to publicly put one's goal out there and risk falling short.  While few will shed a tear for a rich celebrity, I have to imagine that it would nevertheless be a taxing experience to have to admit that you failed to achieve your stated goal.  Sure, you'll wipe your tears with $100 bills, but still...

Godspeed to you, Adam Carolla - whatever the f--- that means... I look forward to going to the theater and not having to put on some ridiculous Urkelesque 3D glasses on just to enjoy a movie... Wait, Road Hard isn't 3D, is it?  I take it back if it is!

Kind Regards,
Frank L
New York, NY

(1) Well, kind of... I also underwent an aggressive surgery followed by the painful infusion of five different chemotherapy agents and an intense radiation schedule.  So yes, Big Pharma and some talented surgeons, oncologists and radiologist also deserve *some* credit.  But again, my battle was characterized by random pokes, prods, medicine and humiliating night gown but the one constant was the podcast.

(2) I still do!  If I simply paid you something approximating minimum wage ($8 per hour), then I'd "owe" you $14,400 - it looks like my contribution came up short by about $14,220... Would you settle for the fact that I'll be celebrating my birthday at the 8pm show tonight (July 19) at Caroline's with my wife?

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LA Business Journal - Adam Carolla test out Trump's FundAnything site to fund his film

LA Times - Adam Carolla uses Donald Trump's crowdfunding site for next movie

Crowdfund Insider - Adam Carolla's Crowdfunding Campaign on FundAnything Over $400K

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The Hollywood Reporter Adam Carolla Announces Cast for Crowd-Funded Film 'Road Hard'

Extra TV - Help Adam Carolla Fund His New Movie 'Road Hard'

Full list of Press Coverage below:

Update – July 18

Hey kiddies,

As you know I attended Kimmel's wedding this past weekend.  It was a star studded affair and a great time.  A lot of people there were asking how things were going and I couldn't help but sing the praises of my fans for how much they've been kicking in for Road Hard.  I also couldn't help but sing "The Kid is Hot Tonight" by Loverboy at the pre-wedding Karaoke party.  If you ever get the chance to see me belt that one out it is a thing of majesty. 

Anyway.  Road Hard.  Here's how you know I'm serious about this shit.  We just added a new reward and it's a big one.  I'm gonna perform a personal private stand up comedy set at your house.  That's right.  45 minutes of me, on my feet, making the mirth in your piece of shit two bedroom apartment.  Then I'll hang out after and eat all your food and drink all your booze.  What more could you ask for?  Well don't.  I think that's plenty.  Sure it's no Kimmel wedding with a bunch of A-listers but fuck you.  How often do you get a genuine celebrity in your house?  None, unless Andy Dick show up there drunk one night thinking it's his place. 

Keep on keeping on my little henchmen,


David Allen Grier is so excited to be in my movie

UPDATE – July 14

Get in on!

Well, as some of you may have heard on the podcast I got a nice fat raping from the city of Los Angeles in the form of a $68 parking ticket while I was parked in the alley behind my own fucking restaurant.  Before this gets too ranty I'll cut to the chase.  Like all tragedies this is the time to pause and think.  What would I rather be doing with that sixty-eight bucks?  Well I can think of one thing...

Crowdfunding my new movie.  Yes.  Take a moment and think of how much money The Man is taking from your check every week and how many times you've gotten hit with a parking ticket or a jaywalking ticket.  So why not spend some of that scratch on something we both for my movie.  (See how I turned my life lemons into lemonade?)

And we've got some new incentives for you to cough up a couple sheckles.  We've got a nice certificate of appreciation that says you officially gave a nice "Fuck You" to Hollywood (suitable for framing, by the way), you can upload video of you doing a comedy and if we like it you could be featured in the movie doing stand-up (including a trip to the premiere), and the big one - be an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the movie.  You'll get full credit in the movie, get to attend parties and premieres and you don't have to do shit.  Just like a real executive.  All the details are on the page.

By the time I finish typing this and my monkeys upload it we should be north of $500,015.  That's more than halfway there.  I simply can't thank you enough for contributing and spreading the word.



“My fans are so loyal and have supported all my other projects – the podcast, my books, and my line of booze, Mangria. I couldn’t imagine making a movie without enlisting them.” – Adam Carolla

We had some fun and Mangria at the Press Conference.  I gave away some Road Hard shirts.

What is Road Hard?

Stand-up comedian Bruce Madsen is Prometheus, chained to a rock, having his liver pecked out by eagles.  Only in his case the rock is the depressing circuit of comedy clubs he can’t escape and his tormentors are the endless carnival of nickel-and-dime club owners, horrible emcees and retarded TSA agents that populate the torture chamber comics call “the road.” Bruce has one simple question: What the hell happened? It seemed like just yesterday his TV show was a hit, he had a hot young bride and his phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Like his mythological Greek forebear, Bruce was bringing fire from the Gods to the masses then taking it to a whole new level by using that fire to light his farts on national television. Showbiz, baby. But the never-ending money train veered off course somewhere in the switching yard and Bruce ended up in an Econo Lodge in Addison, Texas, headlining a half-empty club, trying to cobble together his alimony payments and a college fund for his daughter.  Maybe it’s just the box of wine and Nicorette talking, but Bruce is hearing a voice loud and clear.  He must get off the road.  Road Hard is the story of that journey. 

Update - July 13

Thank you.

Good job my little henchmen.  We're officially halfway there.  We just crossed the $500,000 mark.

Your loyalty and support has and will continue to amaze me.

That said, helmet's not a chair gentlemen.  No time to rest on our laurels, whatever the fuck laurels are.  Use this moment to increase the momentum.  Tell a friend we're halfway there and they could put us over the top.  Go, now.  Facebook.  Twitter.

I'll see you at a million.


Update - July 11

Hello my little chick-a-pees,

Ace here with a quick update on the road to making Road Hard.

Had a nice little press conference yesterday with the cast, the guys from FundAnything and the man himself, Donald Trump.  So check in for an update on all of that.  We'll be posting the video soon.

You guys are kicking ass on the fundraising.  As I write this we're mere inches away from four hundred twenty five grand.  So keep on spreading the gospel.

We've added advance private screenings in 4 new cities, including a Q and A with cast members and moi (that's mexican for "me").  So if you're in New York, Chicago, Vegas or Minneapolis get all the details on the site.  We've got special early bird pricing available for these 4 cities but they'll go fast, there are only a few tickets left for the advanced screenings in LA, Seattle and Portland.

We just tossed some other cool new shit as incentives too, like autographed photos and a coffee table book about the making of the movie.

That's all for now.



FundAnything put me on a billboard in Times Square

Update – July 9

Hey kiddies,

We’re off and running it’s time to really crank this thing up.

Spent a little time with Jay Mohr (and Big Mamma Got-it-all) last night talking about parental support.  I'd be willing to bet all the money you guys have kicked in for Road Hard that not one of those dollars is from my mom or dad. So thanks for the support. I really, really appreciate it.

And it's has been one hell of an outpouring of support.  $300,000 in one week is, as the dearly departed Huell Howser would say, amazing. Thanks to YOU, we’re going to make a movie we both want to see.

The big Road Hard news is that this week I'll officially reveal the other members of the cast. Check back here for all the details. I can't reveal too much now but I will say four people in the movie are regular folks like you who gave substantial contributions to make Road Hard a reality.

And this week I’ll be adding some exciting new rewards to make it worth your while.  So spend that money before your old lady divorces you and takes it all anyway or before your fella blows it at the track.  

I’m going balls to the wall over the next two weeks spreading the word.  I hope you'll return the favor, my little tweeters and facebookies. And check back here every day for updates and new rewards.



I purposed to Jimmy Kimmel...he said no. 

Update – July 7

Hey Kiddies, Ace here, with the first of many updates.  Thanks to YOU, the Road Hard campaign has kicked off and is kicking ass.

It has been the highlight of an otherwise miserable 4th of July weekend.  Had a VERY long afternoon/evening with my nephew that involved two blown tires, a little too much Mangria and not enough man in my nephew.  What the fuck is with 16 year old males who aren't into cars?  And I mean, it's not just that he's not into F1 racing or vintage Datsuns, it's that he has no interest in even getting a license or driving at all.  When I was his age you couldn't keep me from getting my license.  Actually the driver's ed teacher who failed me, Mr. Gregory attempted that and I hope he's rotting in hell for it.

Anyway, I digress.  If you want all the gory details on that story check out today's podcast with Jay Mohr.  Back to the Road Hard FundAnything Campaign.  YOU, my minions, are the ones taking much needed internet porn breaks to share on Facebook, post on Twitter and thus helping get this movie made.

We're off to a great start so I just ask that you keep spreading the word.  Thanks for helping me give you a hearty F-U to the man.  You're gonna love this movie, and I love YOU for being a part of it.



Dear Fans,

Adam Carolla here.  Thanks for checking out our video and please forward it to your pals (or people you hate if they have a checkbook.)  I’m not going to write too much because A) you know what to do and B) I don’t want to be the chatty guy on a first date who yammers himself out of getting laid.

But just a quick reminder that my last movie, The Hammer, is sitting at an 85 percent audience fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which, believe me, is the only time I’ve ever gotten an 85 on anything.  (I’m sure I didn’t even deserve the C- GPA I was given at North Hollywood High School but they gave me C’s to make sure I got the F out of there.)

When I launched the podcast Pirate Ship I asked you guys to help me keep it afloat and you have filled my sails with wind.  Usually I supply the wind, but in this case I couldn’t have done it without you.  Now I want to launch a little whaling boat off the Pirate Ship to see if I can harpoon another feature film.  It’ll be called Road Hard, a rollicking R-rated comedy about a comic trying to get off the road. This one I’ll be writing and directing with my buddy Kevin Hench (The Man ShowThe Hammer) so you should know there will be at least one person with a college degree on set.  State school, but still.

If you come through for me, I promise less than 20 percent of the budget will go up my nose.  That is my solemn vow.  And as you know, a Carolla’s word is his bond.  That word is usually “nap” but it’s a promise my family has always kept.



Meet the team - 

Kevin Hench

RoadHard co-writer/director Kevin Hench is in his third season as an executive producer on ABC's Last Man Standing.  A frequent collaborator with Adam Carolla since their days on The Man Show, Hench co-wrote The Hammer and exec produced network pilot vehicles for Carolla at CBS and NBC.  Hench also had a long-running column on, co-hosted the Spider and the Henchman podcast with John Salley and was a frequent guest on Jim Rome Is Burning on ESPN.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Heather Juergensen (Kissing Jessica Stein, The Hammer). 

Nate Adams - Producer

“Road Hard” Producer Nate Adams began his career in Hollywood as a screenwriter, he has written for such Hollywood stalwarts as Doug Davidson (The Departed, The Grudge), Greg Shapiro (The Hurt Locker), Mark Morgan (Twilight) to mention a few. In 2006, Nate started his producing career with the sports documentary, “King of the Streets”, which aired on Showtime. Nate has produced and directed projects for Showtime, CBS, EA (Electronic Arts), History Channel, Spike TV, Animal Planet and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (The Emmy’s).  Nate was born and raised in Montana and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Melissa.

The nitty gritty: Campaign rules & regulations

We plan to shoot the movie in December of 2013. However, this time and location is subject to change. If a set visit is part of your reward, we’ll keep you updated so you can plan your visit accordingly.  

If you earn the reward to receive a cast credit or become an extra , you must not be a member of SAG/AFTRA, and you must either be a US citizen or have a US work visa. 

All extras must be over the age of 18. In addition, to visit the set or attend the premiere, you must be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A parent or legal guardian will count as your plus one.

You have the freedom to create voice and video messages of your choosing. However, if I find the content inappropriate, I ultimately reserve the right to refuse to say or do what you request.

Additional paperwork may be required for some rewards. For example, if you’re appearing in the film, you will have to sign a release.

In certain cases, the final cut of the movie may require additional editing in order to meet the laws of the country in which it’s being viewed, or for various media types.

For various reasons, all shooting locations are subject to change. Locations may change based on the amount of money we raise and the rules and restrictions of particular locations.

This fundraising campaign is all subject to applicable FundAnything rules/regulations, movie guild rules and applicable laws. If any of these conflict, we will work with you in good faith to provide a substitute reward.

When it comes to movie making, expect the unexpected. It’s an exciting journey full of twists and turns. We prepare as best we can, but things don’t always go as planned. All we can hope for is to make a movie we can honestly say we’re proud of. If you’re up for the challenge, I invite you to join the campaign and become part of the Road Hard team. Thanks for believing in this project and making it come to life!

You will need to provide your own transportation and lodging ( if necessary) to any event unless otherwise stated

Character name MUST clear legal department.


$1,000,000 raised in just 32 days.

Contribute Now For Rewards!

Does this campaign contain offensive content?
Let us know.


Exclusive Access to the Road Hard Website & PDF of Screenplay

You’ll receive exclusive access to my Road Hard Website. I’ll keep you updated with my weekly blog, interviews with the cast & crew & tons of behind the scenes videos & pictures. I will also send a Digital Download Screenplay of the movie. Help me make this film a reality!

334 claimed


Pirate Ship Pack

5 left of 500 available

Receive a Limited Edition EARLY Contributor T-Shirt! I’m making this unique collector’s item available only to my early Supporters. Plus I'll give you a copy of the DVD before it hits store shelves.  ------------------------------------------------ You’ll also receive the following gifts: RH Website Access – Your name Featured in Ending Credits-Screenplay PDF

495 claimed


Victory T-Shirt!

973 left of 1000 available

This limited edition “Victory T-shirt” will be the worn by the cast and crew during the filming of the movie that YOU helped make. Time is short on this shirt and we will definitely sell out quickly so act fast! 

27 claimed